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Hello all,

I am rather new here and of course would like to share some new music I have made.
Here is a rather techno track I have just completed which I will then juxtapose with some ambient/field recording work available here on bandcamp


A recent track, from an upcoming release:


Newest thing, following several failed and abandoned recordings. I tried something much different from the takes before it, and I like this recording much better. It’s needs a little bit more work and a definitive title, but otherwise, it’s close to being done.


Here’s a new track I put up on bandcamp. It’s a shorter ambient piece with a single guitar melody, layers from a modulated Mangrove and some great noise waves from a disting mk4.


Todays patch. Lots of ER-301 and Rings. Earthsea was the sequencer.

The field recording was done this morning at our bird feeder.


The first time anybody has remixed one of my tracks ! Super nice gesture … especially this time of year.

Remix Thread

day 7 of my participation in @rknLA’s 4500 project. just type as music box, rings feedback as :saxophone:.


reminded me Everything in it’s right place by Radiohead :slight_smile:


left this running for two hours, and then it occurred to me I might as well record it.


hey cool! is there a feed where i can listen along to?


this is fantastic. thank you for your dedication and the share!


Thanks, Dan! Might return to those failures later, but for now, focusing on this and #12 of 12 of this year’s series before 2018 arrives.


kid a and the king of limbs are 2 of my all time favorite albums, i’m not surprised whenever someone notices the influence in my music. thanks for listening :purple_heart:


Two tracks of improvised psychedelic electric guitar chaos. These were recorded for release two years ago for a cassette label in Northern California, but it fell through. :


i strated an instagram last night. uploading little videos with imovie is alot of fun. gonna try to make it a regular thing. this is a video of me making a track with some records. my new octatrack, sp303, a grid, count to five and samplr.


Yea, dig this @prms. Reminds me of the Paul Jebanasam from last year



Hey thanks @andrew! :smile: :pray: Keepin’ at it!


I love this!!!


‘Pergola’ is a transition into uncertainty.