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this is SO good, you make it look easy. thanks!

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Maybe not the highest-quality recording, but I made this in a single live take this afternoon, for a friend whose death I witnessed in a car accident fifteen years ago. I’ve wanted to make something in his memory all of this time, but never had the knowledge or the confidence to do so until I started getting into recording and modular synthesis in the past couple of years. Somewhat generative patch using predominantly Make Noise modules and an SMR, with a handful of changes being foot-controlled by the outputs of my trusty Monome Walk, and a healthy dose of reverb from the effects engine of my mixer.



Dang, sounds awesome! Loving that music box thing through it. Cool setup too :slight_smile:

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Thanks, only just seen the comment now… No trumpet not played by me, it was done solo but all other sounds were made by me.

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The Free Electronic Association of Louisville played a last minute public performance. We spent about an hour preparing the day of, so I suggested trying more of a drone oriented set. You’d think an improvisational synth group would start with that kind of approach, but it was the first time we really tried it in FEAL.



I’m releasing my first modular album (digitally) today! Tapes got pushed back a little, but should be done soon. this thread was really helpful and I really appreciate this forum and everyone who is so open to share their process :slight_smile:

The record is lo-fi ambient stuff–lots of teletype, just friends, MI elements & rings and the meris polymoon and mercury7 pedals.

some codes for redeeming a free download of the release




Thank you for this - I’m looking forward to slapping the cans on and giving it a close listen.

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Insta fav, love it!! :pie:



latest audio snippets:

there’s more coming every so often………



I made a short film last year with a frequent collaborator of mine named Andrew Tuersley. I’ve been trying to do the whole film festival submission thing, but so far the film has not been selected (in its finished state, anyway) and at this point I’d rather just people see it, so I’ve decided to share it here. It’s kind of a meta sound film that is meant to present us as artists being artists because that’s the life purpose we’ve discovered for ourselves. I hope you guys and girls appreciate it.



I really love those times when you stumble across pairings that just feel immensely satisfying. In this one I was really enjoying my Arturia Microbrute and Makenoise DPO tearing up the low end through my Malekko B:assmaster.



Yet another patch integrating re:mix and the modular, this time with some self recorded piano samples also fed through the Morphagene. There’s some patch notes in the description.

Any experiences with combining monome apps and ansible/trilogy? When I unplug Grid from my computer re:mix will keep playing the loops, but when I re-plug Grid to continue playing with re:mix the app don’t seem to recognise the device. It would be so cool to be able to switch easily between the two!



sunday prelude. enjoy!



Here’s a recent piece using the OM-1, Magneto in sound on sound looping mode, and Folktek Alter’s shimmer reverb



I’m curious to hear that “more important thing” - this was a real treat, hauntingly beautiful! Gonna have to check out those patch blocks. Cool stuff!



thanks @Plym! :slight_smile: “more important thing” will come eventually in a near future :wink:
really enjoying your videos! love the modular + mlr (re:mix) together, keep it up!

It would be so cool to be able to switch easily between the two!

monome used to have a switch for eurorack that did just that. you might want to search in monome website.

Gonna have to check out those patch blocks.

patchblocks are tiny synths that you can program to do what you like. I’m just using as a Ableton midi controller with midiblock, but they can do whatever you like.

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Just got my Teletype this weekend, and spent the day going through the first studies. Love. It. Here’s a little piece from this evening, with Teletype pinging Just Friends in Plume mode while w/ is on looping duty.



my new ep. took a more organically inspired approach and i’m very proud to call this mine :slight_smile:



this is lovely. really lovely. and pushes me to keep learning Ansible.

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