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Thank you. Dunno what the scale is called but C Db F G Ab with occasional Eb & Bb accidentals but I suspect E & B are the actual scale :slight_smile:


juno and op1 meet again inside norns


Continuing to explore trackers.
Using Marabu by Hundred Rabbits.
Made this on the bus today, heading home for Thanksgiving.


with animation


Oh I downloaded Marabu yesterday and fiddled a little, but I’m not that used to trackers so I was a little confused. Did you try Orca by them ?


I just found Marabu more instantly gratifying but I want to spend more time with Orca.
I spent a little time playing with the clock lining up midi triggers but I need to wrap my head around control structures in Orca.
Right now it’s like I’m trying to write a script by typing everything out literally, without fors or do/whiles.
I heard about both pieces of software in this post.

I haven’t looked at the source code for any of their stuff, but I would love to see some similar sort of Tracker / Visual Programmer for Norns + Grid.


OP-1 and Bastl Thyme again. I love the warbly sounds the Thyme produces with slight modulation.


Hi everybody guys I’m happy and proud to share with you the first album from Last Eon: Before I Close My Eyes. It took a couple of years to finish but we’re really happy of how it came out. If you have any kind of question, I’ll be glad to give you answers, especially about gear!

Here’s the Bandcamp link:


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I just got a Chronoblob and have been playing with it.

This is E370 -> Natural Gate -> Chronoblob -> BYOME. In the Blob’s feedback path is tanh[3], Epoch Twinpeak, and a mixer (to balance “dry” vs filtered feedback). The same sequence drives E370 & filter pitch and Chronoblob’s clock multiplier.


Played some new tracks last night. Was really stoked by How the visuals matched my tracks.

Setup: Analog Rytm + Modular

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Just picked up a Rene (V1 - think they’re calling it Rene Classic) and had a little play with a stripped down 3u row with it.

I love the variety of tones that can be conjured from the Basimilus Iteritas Alter, and Rene just feels a very deep modular rabbit hole of its own!

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My new album is streaming on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. @caelmore is featured on the first song! All digital sales will be donated to charity.


here’s my latest release

i’ll self-release it on a couple of cassettes + zine eventually

edit: added this track


My first one with Furthrrrr Generator. Lovely little(?) gem!


patch notes in sc description.
i love how expressive the mangrove is. magneto adds space to it in a very beautiful way, imho.
free jazz for cyborgs


Still trying out things on the new Polyearthsea by @scanner_darkly, its really opened up lots of possibilities for me, still trying to get the head to understand beyond 4 channels!

Here is polyearthsea triggering a dual Mangrove voice, one through an erbeverb and the other through the Soma Lyra8-fx delay which is being modulated by stages.

Hope you like it!



Is four movements in 18minutes
Mostly micro sample
All same samples throughout all four movements,
all samples in reverse,
(apart from Drums!)… mostly.

Is my stbb submission this week also.

All made on Elektron Digitakt and record with Zoom H6


after releasing my last album I got back into the routine of synth-twiddling, so here’s a couple of things im working on. feedback welcome :slight_smile:


Norns MLR and piano (plus a ton of room noises) from yesterday.