Latest tracks + videos


any music you’ve made (or participated in the making of somehow)!

There’s also this thread for music you didn’t make but are listening to/inspired by.

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For Jamuary, I am making some hip hop (ish?) beats, which I’ve never had any sort of inclination to do. Good for me now to have some focus. Anyway, without further ado, here’s a Jamuary beat


here is some fresh noise for starting the first weekend


new year, new month, new bandcamp upload:


New music in which we contemplate the future

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Ive been modular-less for the last two months during my transition back to London from Berlin. It feels so great to be in a new physical space exploring new musical spaces again. The enforced break felt like a palate cleanser of sorts.



trumpet was the first instrument i learned how to play, and i was pretty into it between 4th and 12th grades. i put it down for years while learning guitar and, later, getting into synthesizers. since moving into an apartment with enough room for a microphone stand and a mini “studio” i’ve been exploring interactions between the trumpet and my synth and i’ve been l o v i n g it. relearning a brass instrument isn’t exactly like riding a bike, but i’m not starting from square one either.

i love all the old jazz standards, and i just got the Bb Real Book as a christmas gift, so here i did a quick multitrack of “autumn leaves” and processed it in my synth.

trumpet > mannequins w/ > three sisters > cold mac for a little bit of crossfading across filter bands. lil bit of modulation from maths and NLC triple sloths. some other effects added in ableton.


Something from a couple days ago. metallophone, thyme, cocoquantus, and the er-301 make up the sound portions, while norns does a lot of cc modulations.


very cool, dig this a lot

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This is great. I’ll be running the coco through my analog heat tomorrow!

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Norns Less Concepts with Buchla 200e


Hey everyone. This is my first post.
I just uploaded a few tracks from my first 7 months with my ever growing modular setup.

ESC on SoundCloud

I don’t have any monome stuff yet but I plan on it soon.

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New maxmsp/ableton work


Hi, my name is Manu and this is my first post, but i enter everyday to read this wonderful and active forum!!
just a year ago I started my modular journey, and this is my first serious atemp to record and share something, i hope you enjoy!


Found an old track I had forgotten about and never posted.

Ambient using mangrove, looped cello and voice along with guitar processed through morphagene.


Beautiful!!! @simondemeule


I have a song on the Rusted Tone Recordings Sampler Volume 2:

Great label and comp! Support them if you can.


Spectacular! Would you mind sharing some words about the process / techniques involved?

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Thanks! There’s a few things going on there, but the process was split in 2 parts: sound generation (in max) and processing (Ableton).

The Max patch is a simple 2 operator FM, but with a lot of fast sequenced modulation.

The recorded audio is then put in Ableton, stretched in texture mode and played at normal speed at the same time. Then a few effect with modulation on the timeline.