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its been a minute… here is a little gardening


thank you for the kinds words and for checking it out!


Hello, I decided to remix and release some tracks from my SoundCloud that I like but are not ‘officially’ released.
Last two releases are tracks I created for the junto project last year,

released today:
Aux Compositeurs Barbares

and last week:
World’s End Serenade

Thanks to the @disquiet people for inspiring this, Participating is a challenge sometimes but I’m glad I did it for these two tracks and glad to keep doing it.


Messing about with my setup rehoused in a Tiptop Mantis case. Having come from uzeus I’ve never had so much POWER!

I’m working towards a live performance in Manchester UK in July at a local festival. Modular and Deluge (and possibly Modal Skulpt but we’ll see)


the 7th installment in “Vows”, subtitled “the safety of empathy”

I’ve been working on this project for 6 months I think, oh god. I’ll be releasing a DVD + little handmade artbook of it all when it’s done I think.


Live recording from a performance yesterday afternoon.

Bugbrand Thread

Some noise to your lovely Sunday evening

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Still continuing ambient experiments on Octatrack


1st thing i’ve recorded with my modular! noodling around on the shnth with a few melodies (she moved thru the fair, a song by my dad called “cody” and i think some black jack davy may have snuck in there) over a beat by the po-12 and modular stuff patched as in the pic :slight_smile:


scandinavian photographer/film duo frode & marcus made a beautiful 8mm video for the track ‘zinnen’
from my upcoming collaboration release with percussionist michael anklin ‘moto perpetuo’ on marionette.


homie made a patch on the peak and we ran it through the euro together. cut it down from an hour of recording time, added some bass. really wanna chop this up to rap on without spoiling some of the precious moments…


Uploaded a new video today!

Playing Just Friends / Just Type though a JHS Superbolt, 2 Mannequins w/, Space Echo and OTO Bam


I love the timbre of this voice!

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New Bandcamp release for February: Live at Fylkingen, Stockholm March 2018

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Chun-Li Vs. Starfox Flip for STBB
all SNES sampled
from Street Fighter II and Starfox

Made with Elektron Digitakt
record with ZoomH6

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The Synth Club of Southern Maine just released our second collaborative compilation.

We gave group members a couple months to compile sample packs before the holidays, which were then exchanged via a moderator as gifts to compose a piece of music with. I’m really happy with the turnout and everyone’s tracks. We try to meetup roughly once a month, and the variety of ways our group members work is really reflected in these projects.


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1st experiment with Volca Modular. Ring mod patch that adds feedback from Space out. Additionally, introduced some polyrhythmic elements by modulating the ratio and fold using clock divisions. Recorded into Ableton Live with no processing or FX. Mastered in Ozone.


I’m releasing the new instrumental piece, With Silence, this Sunday (2/17) on Bandcamp. This is a clip of it:

A big reason that this piece came about is because of the community of people I’ve come to know by playing a modular synth. This community is a source of great encouragement and an amazing sense of connection. I’m the primary care giver of my son in a foreign country that I do not speak the language (I’m working on my Chinese), and playing music is my way of connecting and communicating with the various communities here in my new home.

Thank you all here on Lines who have contributed to this amazing community. It’s been a source of inspiration. I wish I was able to contribute more. Iteration works well on my various creative projects (including a modular synth), but not so well on a very active online community. I write and then revise and revise and revise, and then the conversation is headed in another direction :wink:

With Silence will premier with the help of Synthdactyl. Tune in to her show this Sunday on 88.7 FM at 7pm (PST) locally in Claremont, CA and around the world.

I’ll be sure to post a link to the piece once it’s released :v:t3::pray:t3:


I played a streamed liveset yesterday for toplap anniversary event. It’s a livecoded performance, with samples from my modular setup and field recordings.


I just posted a new ambient composition to my baby youtube channel:

(this piece is definitely a love letter to Mutable Instruments lol)

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