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A kind of Rube Goldberg machine synth :slight_smile:


This is a new (free) Compilation for the label a friend of mine and me are running right now. We tried putting together a diverse mix and still keep it somehow connected, which I think worked out pretty well. Would be curious what you guys think.


One of my first tracks with new Magneto and more expanded setup. Just a brief sketch…

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103.6 bpm hip-house jam

made wth Elektron Digitakt
record with Zoom H6


what are we looking at (in the video), and do you have more tracks / recordings like this?


This is Orca, a kind of sequencer programming language.
I have a couple more videos on youtube.


preparing for live session with new album material. BAM/BIM/Keystep are outside


Ambient, Modern Classical from Japan!

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New experimentations with piano and computer


Moreau’s latest benefit comp is here! all proceeds benefit the Richmond Food Clothing Resistance Collective, a fantastic group of people specializing in direct aid + aid distribution for homeless folks here in Richmond.


My track “And Then Gone” was recently featured on Sonic Tapestries episode 23, on London’s Resonance FM. I’m with good company, too :slight_smile:

The link isn’t showing directly, but it’s at:

(…also, to answer the question asked after they played it: it was nearly all digital, except for analog envelopes from Maths and subtle saturation from Xaoc Tallin. The main sound source was ER-301, running a harmonic oscillator and a wavefolder roughly modeled from a study of a Serge wavefolder, and FM modulation from Kermit.)


hello peeps
today i have uploaded 2 songs to bandcamp (and the streaming services)
these are the first of many recordings i would like to share in the coming months/years
they were mastered by jonwayne(!!!)
please consider this a token of my gratitude for the countless bits of priceless info and ideas that get spread around this place daily. and the tools. and the sounds. and the general good feeling.

(yes the artwork definitely takes some gratuitous inspiration from mannequins/monome videos. thats because they are my favorite)

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My hateful little side-project / evil twin, @dnrwp , just released another album entirely written for, and performed on a 1989 Nintendo Game Boy.


For fans of Harold Budd / Robin Guthrie

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Dude, this is so cool! I’m adding some of these songs to a Crypt of the Necrodancer playlist :space_invader:


Kicking off my birthweek track-a-day challenge:
Lyra 8 + H9 reverb

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Carl Abrahamsson & Genesis Breyer P-Orridge - Loyalty Does Not End With Death. Ideal Recordings, 2019. Lacquer cut at Dublates & Mastering. Mastered at Hermetech Mastering by yours truly. Cut is insanely good. I knew this would sound great on the old vinyly winyly, and indeed it does. Still waiting for the bonus clear vinyl 12” though!


oh, excellent. I received the trapart newsletter announcing it but I didn’t noticed (and still don’t have received the LP). anyway, congrats + cheers.

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Rehearsal for Algorave next month.


I may have accidentally pre-ordered a MicroFreak - thinking this is my basic live setup - may also add a row from my modular to it as well

just need to practice more now!