Latest tracks + videos

My latest Marbles based semi generative patch.

Mixed live with my new BAM (which lives up to the hype and then some :heart::rainbow::sparkles:)


I’ve spent the last little while building a 104HP skiff to use mainly with MLR & other Norns scripts. Last night was my first jam with the completed skiff and making use of Kria & MLR simultaneously thanks to the monome switch.
Three sisters FM’d by Just Friends identity covers the bass drone. JF’s 5N & 6N are being opened by occasional slow MATHS envelopes on the L & R channels and the main part that comes in later is the Intellijel Plonk which is also mangled 6 different ways via MLR (& creates the “bed” of the track)
All of this goes through a less than healthy dose of Strymon Volante & OTO BAM :heart:

Modular Grid (w/ 64 grid & Norns):



Beautiful track!

I’m thinking about adding a Marbles to my rack for when I’m too lazy to set up probabilities in Kria. DAMN BAM is nice :heart:

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some radigue worship

three sisters as a voice, eventually bringing in mutable stages in harmonic osc mode. all thru bam oto for some extra juice.


New music

Dreaming - moving through a landscape of stories

(All made with the rather excellent new @bitwig grid which I’m quite taken with now I’ve gotten to know it better)


I suppose this could be cross-referenced with //// pictures of our sound-making machines //// - since it is a gear assembly video, as well as a thumpy bit of music:


Thanks for that!
Great soundtrack on the video.

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Tried something a little different that my usual approach with this sketch. Really liking plaits, even though I’m pretty late to the game.

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At long last done a live performance of my recent few releases material. Was pondering how to go about the live rig for a while, in the end went with asynchronous loops on the OT with several effect chains. Looking forward to more gigs! :laughing:

Entire thing on here:

Working within and against tradition. The sweet spot, as it were.

This one is so “simple” it required particularly attentive mixing. So, at last…

After listening to this (on an iMac) at both 96/24 native and Bandcamp, the former does it in spades. So download :slight_smile:

^ ^ music that sounds like really sweet orange juice

Need some meditative background music to chill to? A new album of slow moving and meditative ambient music, predominantly made on my modular system:


Here’s my lateste modular performance on youtube:


I filmed another modular performance, aiming for a blair witch project aesthetic

A very simple piece here, a sequenced MS20 into Clouds looping delay mode. Enjoy.


Hey thanks samule!

BAM definitely lives up to the hype. It’s a beautiful machine (both in sound and in appearance/construction).

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Made with op-z + glut

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A friend shot and cut this tidy video from a performance I did back in January down here in Melbourne, Australia. Modular and tapes loops paired with projections of footage I shot in the Southern Ocean, Antarctica.


I have a couple new albums coming out this week. This first is “Always Ending” on Otherworldly Mystics. My friend Amanda put together this wonderful video for the first song on the album:

The second release is “Perspectives” which is out now on Warm Gospel. It was made with eurorack/modular, micro-mellotron, and effects pedals.


Fuxi Kit:
2 x Kick, 2x Sub(Akey),3x Snare
1x Rim, 1x Djembe, 1x Conga
5 x single hit instrument samples

Fuxi BPM
00 – 76.3
01 – 89.7
02 – 96.3
03 – 106.3
04 – 118.2
05 – 127.4
06 – 133.3
07 – 152.6

Fuxi runtime:
47 minutes

Elektron Digitakt
record on Zoom H6
trim and master in DAW

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