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Happy to announce the release of “Echoes”. Sounds of times past, real and imagined. Name your price.Thank you for your support!

Comments/ critiques welcome and encouraged.


Here’s a techno track I made recently. Enjoy :slight_smile:


Ok this one came out nearly a year ago from me (full length out this June), but was just made available for streaming by my label Elli Records

100% made with Modular Synth & Max/MSP


really digging this :raised_hands::fire:


@HateNames - Following up on our discussion of using Tetrapad in small systems, here’s a little piece I recorded this afternoon exploring chord mode with just two voices: Mangrove and 3 Sisters.

I recorded one set of chords to w/ as a loop, then pitched it down to have a nice, slow-moving bed of drones. Another set of chords was recorded to the Cocoquantus for more small, evolving patterns with a lot of texture. Finally, over these two passes, I recorded another set of chords.


Thanks all for sharing, its neat to discover so much good music and inspired people here.
Here is an album Sevenism and i have been working on over the last several months:

hope you enjoy and thanks for listening


Real catchy stuff. Looking forward to the new one Tom! :slight_smile:


Thank you! :raised_hands:


@photofractal When the Drums come in around 4.40 with the new melody… Really great!


does this module actually exist? I can’t seem to find any real info on it anywhere.


Two little ambientish Patches featuring the new Plaits module.


Another in-between-albums recording. Solo Microbrute (with modulation from E370), performed on Maschine controller pads, inspired somewhat by shakuhachi.


Just put this album out. Hectic and electric! :slight_smile:


Made a new track yesterday based around a Shepard tone.


Using an envelope to send cv to a TT quantizer patch. The scale i used is the bhairav, also used in classical indian compositions (raga). The result is very different from the classical indian music, but sometimes you can hear an interesting interval coming out!


Beautiful :clap::raised_hands:


My latest track. Made some noises and tones with my Gretsch Tennessee Rose and made pads and stuff with that.


Super nice! Really fine textures.


Hey thanks! Glad you like it :slight_smile: It’s supposed to be track 1 out of 4 with the same set of source material, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pull it off :slight_smile:


Well, you’ve got yourself a new follower. I’ll have an eye out for those other three tracks!