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Fun with euro and Cut Glove


Did a another re:mix + modular session this morning, first track with my newly acquired Just Friends :couple::two_men_holding_hands::two_women_holding_hands:

Really loving the tones I get out of it in sound mode. I can definitely see myself getting another one down the road.


Really like this one! (as well as all your others) :cake:


Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: Been enjoying your stuff as well, very much. Very intrigued by your setup with the touchplates.


Great stuff! Aligns really well with a bunch of my current tastes. Thank you.


Hey ya’ll,

My friend John and i have been improvising together on various synths for a while now. We recently decided on the name Aether Babble. Please listen to our first two albums:

If you have any feedback, suggestions, criticism, or anything to share please let me know.
thanks for listening,


absolutely gorgeous! are the samples in re:mix live sampled or loaded beforehand?


Thank you so much @Dan_Derks! :slight_smile: In this instance they’re loaded beforehand as I did a couple of different takes. I’ve been experimenting with live sampling from the modular in re:mix and it’s very nice - I only wish there was a stable way to hot swap Grid between Ansible and my Mac so I could change up the melodic sequences with Kria more easily - the problem seems to be that re:mix has a hard time detecting Grid if it’s unplugged and plugged back in while transport is running. I’m seriously thinking about getting a second Grid just for this purpose!


Great work here… really enjoyed it!

You’ve got the same problem I had with just friends (instantly wanting another) :smile:


Thanks a bunch :slight_smile: Haha, yeah… I could almost consider swapping out my Maths to get room for a second JF, since there’s some overlap in functionality. But oh well. Still so much to discover with this module! Happy patching! :smiley:


Thanks a lot! Glad you enjoyed it, more to come :slight_smile:


Hey @Olivier this sounds great. Sorry for the late reply to this generous response, haven’t had a chance over the past week to listen to anything. There’s a nice instability in the drone which I guess comes from using pressure to control a vca? Reminds me of the results I get using my doepfer ribbon for similar duties. Definitely want a tetrapad.


@Rodrigo this thing is AMAZING.


Yeah! It’s great fun. You get a pressure output in Chord Mode, which I sent to Manrove’s Formant input for some nice overtone modulation.


geez, that’s beautiful… :unicorn:


I HATE WIZARDS (side A), Eurorack modular beat tape drop


Thank you, really appreciate the feedback! :pray:


This was suggested to me by Spotify today. I’ve had “As We Go to Fight Giants” on repeat while working for a long time. Absolutely wonderful work!


This is a document of my first attempt to use a modular synth as an instrument that I can play and sing along with.

This is a live recording where I’m playing rings, whilst looping it and eventually singing.

I’m going to develop this kind of process more to try and improve my machine/human connection.


Whoa. That is fucking ace. More!