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I keep coming back to this; it’s really lovely!


Hi, I am new in the forum.
I am a guy from Argentina who bought his first synthesizer about a year ago(Volca FM) and a PO-13. Many years ago I took classes of piano and guitar, so I have some poorly music theory. My interest for synths comes from when I was a child, I love the sounds and possibilities. This year I got a Digitakt, I couldn’t stop watching videos of this machine. I wanna showing what Im doing with the vocal and the Digi.

This is my sound of the moment. Lots of work to do. Levels are bad, the arp not at time maybe, etc… Im new in this worl, sory.


Super happy to hear that :pray:t2: Thanks!


man i love this thread. lots of talent here.

this is something i made tonight with ansible, er301, chord organ, and atlantis. effects: erbeverb and morphagene.


Slowly but surely my intimate spaces (just a working title) project is progressing. I’ve split the piece cavaedium up into 2 parts, one is more drone-based, with several field recordings making up the foundation of the piece, in this second part I have cut up the same recordings into small bits creating a percussive part (on the Octatrack, which is hidden outside of the image since the room is too small and I could not put the camera further away). My approach here is the same as for all pieces in the project: create a base structure using field recordings (which have all been recorded in the same space), then process these with the modular and add some minor synthesis elements to enhance, emphasize or otherwise expand on what is already there (for example the cavaedium had a clear Db sound deriving from the comb filters present in it, so in cavaedium I I’ve based all the synthesis parts on a Db Maj scale in the beginning and end sections and on C min in the middle section). The pieces are very much a dialogue between the concrete, sample-based part and the synthesis and modular-based sound-shaping part.

Some more technical notes: Starting from that percussive part I have sent some of the tracks from the OT to the modular using it to excite Rings (which makes the percussive bassline, filtered and shaped by Natural Gate) and to trigger some modulations on Stages. Marbles does the pattern for the Rings bassline and generates random ramps to modulate several parameters in the patch. Plaits generates the main drone, towards the end there’s an additional bass sequence somehow drowned in the drone which is sequenced via Teletype and played by Tides.


OK, I’ve got my last album officially presented via (click to read my comments in Belarusian or English :innocent:) — and uploaded to SoundCloud, which is a big deal I believe, since I’ve only got like two plays from here on BC. Please welcome ‘Eloquencer Sessions’ — an hour-long tribal techno electronic affair. :dove:


Recorded this a while ago, it’s time to get it out! Done on a very minimal system based around the make noise DPO, Maths, and Malekko Dual Borg. Two more tracks based on a similar system will come in the following week.


This is really nice! I love how you have utilised the field recordings. And damn, the combination of Rings and Natural Gate. NG seems like a wonderful module!


WOW :broken_heart:__________


Nothing but the metronome -
there is a nice little challenge on Elektronauts, making a whole track only using the Octatrack’s internal Metronome as sample. Here is my attempt. Hope you like it.


So good. Love how all the different elements work together and the distortion bits. So cool. :pie:


Thanks a lot! Yes I’m linking the NG+Rings combo quite a lot, It probably works with any good LPG, it’s great for getting different type of dynamics than what Rings would usually give you.


Yeah, def inspired to experiment some with my Rings + LPGs!


Wondering if any of you have experimented with test tones? If so I was thinking of making a new thread. I made/downloaded around 30 test tones and put into my OT to make a minimalist semi Raster Noton inspired track.


Started a YT-channel today to share patches beyond my regular channels(instagram). This is the first video.


some rough improvisation with ornament and crime, plaits, rings, clouds, and w/


Very beautiful!
Nothing to add, but my post has to have more than 20 characters :wink:


Here’s a recent one. ‘Alba’ (Italian for Dawn).

Made using Just Friends as a trigger source/sequencer. Modulating Intone with a synced LFO sounds really cool to me (all sorts of ‘bouncing ball’ type rhythms and weird stuff).

Melodic sequencing from my SQ1 and Pressure Points (Mangrove, Plaits, Rings and PicoVoice are the main voices).

Quite pleased with this one overall… tried to make something calm and peaceful :slightly_smiling_face:


here’s a video demoing my new looping/slicing patch for organelle + grid… an homage to/adaptation of @tehn’s mlr.