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Here’s the latest installment in my Atoms of Night project. Again, it’s my Gretsch guitar put through some hoops. The fade is my favorite part :slight_smile: Hope you like!


Coco recordings mixed, happy to send audio…pm me.


Just Friends (in Plume mode, iirc), Mangrove, Three Sisters, Morphagene, Erbe-Verb, sequenced with Kria (on White Whale). Cold Mac in surveillance mode is overseeing the patch.


Busted out the old Onkyo cassette deck for this one. Just Type was calling for it.


A quick little sketch from the weekend thinking about Plonk as an exciter for Rings

Spring has arrived :snowflake::droplet: :seedling: :seedling: :seedling: :droplet: :snowflake:


these are really beautiful!


Hey thanks! Glad you enjoyed the sounds. More to come soon I hope :slight_smile:


Beautiful work!

Spring has arrived in the UK as well… bizarre weather though. From record lows, to record high April temperatures (London marathon over weekend was hottest ever :sun_with_face:).

Bit of a cross-post (already posted this in the Marbles thread) but here’s my latest:


So much great stuff here… Lines rules!

This is another track from my latest release for Audio Visuals Atmosphere, titled Swaying.

Re: the process - this begun as an E340 sidechaining with Hot Glue, which in turn invited other players with their songs to sing along, G2, Tempest, outboard, etc.


this is great (loved it over on marbles thread too)! are you willing to share some patch notes?


Some new improvised sci-fi-esque soundscapes on guitar, tape loops, modular and field recordings


A new song, #1


in a goofy lil’ Rhythm Roulette at work today, the sample was a live version of Andrew Bird’s ‘Plasticities’. mine was a few iterations of a two second whistle, which made up the primary lines that weren’t the drums and the bandpassed vox. feelin’ vulnerable, but it was fun and here we go…

(also, a whistle slowed down makes for a weiiiiird warbly bass):


I made 2 tracks this weekend, more ambient than my usual work :slight_smile:


Recorded this last night – more proof of concept for a project I’m working on than an actual track.

Leap Motion >> Processing >> Wekinator >> Max >> ES-8.

Hand height modulating Sisters span and uVCF fm, hand tilt switching the position of the voices in the stereo field, index finger controlling delay feedback on first Mangrove, middle finger controlling delay feedback on second Mangrove. Sequence from Kria, bass from JF, Valhalla Vintage Verb at end of chain.

Aiming to post a more complex, more developed vid using similar techniques in the coming weeks.


Latest patch:

Sleeping and dreaming from mountains.


Thanks @bmoren!

Sure no problem:

////Patch Notes/////

Rings (main melody at start) and Mangrove (‘brassy’ voice that comes in later) are the main melody voices.

Plaits (chord mode) provides the chord drone in the background. I was modulating the inversion control (I absolutely love this feature!)

Picovoice (harmonic oscillator) is providing the higher melody that appears every now and then. This also had MI Clouds in looping delay mode (modulating the texture control).

Mangrove and PicoVoice sequenced from Mutable Instruments Marbles (set to ~11 on deja vu to allow for some randomisation). Rings sequenced from Korg SQ1 (set to random mode).

Modulation provided by Intellijel Quadra (envelopes) and Abstract Data Octocontroller (LFO’s). Marbles was the master clock source clocking SQ1 and the Octocontroller.

Tracked to DAW using my new K-Mix. Reverb (Valhalla vintageverb), eq and compression (stock Ableton) added in DAW. Volume automation also added in Ableton.

Think that covers everything :sunglasses:


A new little tune. I made a quick patch and thought that something was missing. I contacted my dear friend Ludvig Kennberg and he just made it fly. “Do what you want” and he chosen to play it like this:


My patch from yesterday. It’s a little rough, but I thought I would share anyway :slight_smile:

The ER-301 was responsible for the drums, field recording, and processing the drone and percussion. One Just Friends acted as the primary modulator, and another played in the drone. The drone was something like… JF > Rings > 3 Sisters > ER-301. Plaits did the percussive bits.

All the sequencing was done with Ansibles Kria, and Earthsea.


Excited to share a series of videos created by Britt King to accompany the 6 tracks from the new Bell Mountain EP - Tertiary Colors. We’ve also added more cassettes available on the Bell Mountain bandcamp: