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This thread is suuuuch a rush of inspiration. Every time. Y’all are the best.

to contribute, here are some videos of me jamming. Octatrack live sampling Aalto over some folk / spiritual jazz samples.

And one of me jamming with Aalto and the octatrack. A lot of count to five pedal too.


Exploring Just Friends’ Plume mode in my latest patch. Just Friends is the only sound source. This really shows how much you can do with very little. Just Friends, Ansible, Clouds and just one little fragment of the 0-coast. Also some interesting FX patching in Ableton - see the video description for more on that. Love love love the sound of JF!! Just picked up a Mangrove. The announcement of Norns put me in awe, so I haven’t got to mount it into the case just yet.


i always get excited when you post a new one, this whole series of videos/patches has really blown my mind. thanks!!


Very nice. Thanks. One question: What is 6V (“TR1 goes to 6V”)?


Beautiful, as ever. Also, 20 characters of YAY!


Thanks a lot @barnjazz - that really means a bunch. Thank you thank you thank you : - )

Oh shit, it should say 6N! Which is one of the outputs of Just Friends. Don’t know what the letter N means though - half of the time I don’t really know what I’m even doing, but I’m having a blast at every knob twist.

Thanks @Justmat! Your extensive use of the Mannequins modules has actually really pushed me towards these little bad boys. A lot of inspiration from your sounds : - ) Thanks!



Beginning attempt to combine electric taishogoto as control + sound source w/ modular synthesizer.


Neat project. I have a taishogoto which needs some repairs and I keep putting it off… but I figured the most I’d do with it is sample it or use it to drive Rings.


Greetings to a fellow taishogoto-ist!

I am surprised more people do not taishogoto. The combination of lap-steel and type-writer rules hard. I am a much better typist than lap-steel player and therefore suited to taishogoto. Truly, it is a powerful instrument as easy to learn as it is difficult to master. I have only attained the rank of 級 but hope one day to reach 段.

Fun tip: If you run taishogoto thru a gnarly fuzz and play the keys quickly you can become instantaneously death metal. The devil holds me back.


I never heard of them until last year. An acquaintance in St. Louis Osuwa Taiko (which I used to perform with) also plays shamisen in an amateur group, and I got curious about the instruments.

When I was a kid, my grandma had a beat-up Autoharp that always fascinated me and I never got around to picking one up for myself. I bought a used taishogoto on eBay to mess around with, and the bridge unfortunately came unglued in transit.


i would love some feedback on my “web-release” record from last year. Flown, Blown & Integrated Support.
my students liked it when i played it during studio work time. lemme know :slight_smile:

Tell us your soundcloud/bandcamp sites

Nice! Really like the glitchy, tremolo-ish stuff in FLOWN! That was neat. Letting the playlist run as I’m doing some writing.


HA! that’s kind of like what they were doing 'cept they were coding html


Hehe, I’m actually analysing data from a study on social skills and anger traits for kids in primary school after doing a 10 week anger replacement training intervention. There may be some similarities!

Anyways, very cool stuff. Digging LoFo. Very nice textures.


thank you. some feedback every once in a while is super helpful
I have a bunch of ideas up there which are basically 2 track dumps, not complete like those, they need something still, but thanks for taking the time-- i appreciate it



Wow. So much fun, so many different ideas. I’d buy the tape :slight_smile:


Second thing I’ve recorded with the Mangrove–the parameters are really fun to explore on this module! I think it fills up a lot of space when working on something minimal.

Also, this is my first time trying to use a really high-pitched voice in a patch (MI Rings, starts fading in about half-way through).


So rich and deep! Love it. What is making that warbly wobbly sounds, Mangrove though some sort of delay?


Another Leap Motion experiment.