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I think you have to contact Instruo about it directly for the moment!


I’ve been experimenting with longer form pieces that take the listener on a journey. Usually this is done by setting up a couple patches or sequences then improvising as I record:

Listen to A Slalom Engagement by good morning mr bunny #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Platitio by good morning mr bunny #np on #SoundCloud

Trials for a live set. Do they work? Hold interest throughout? Or should I stick to more traditional song structure?
Another with the same concept, but put together and arranged more in Ableton:
Listen to Talium Cross Trial by good morning mr bunny #np on #SoundCloud

Please have a listen, any feedback would be appreciated. thanks


something i’m working on… feedback/critique appreciated :slight_smile:


Decided to start making internet videos, cause it’s 2018 I guess

Did it a little differently though, feels a little more me. Little more about the sounds than the stuffs. Let me know how it makes you feel, I want to start making these regularly but infrequently.


I recently wanted to explore Just Type and this is what I came up with. I have the Teletype triggering chords along with random bass notes in the first voice of Just Friends. Some sampling going on as well- hope you all enjoy!


Less a track (its in progress) and more just a technical hurdle jumped, that I wanted to share since it was flustering me for a while.

I Finally was able to go direct from the mixing board to my phone through the Zoom H4n Pro. Using an OTG cable and Open Camera. I can use the Zomm as a USB recorder and OpenCamera can use that as its mic.

Maybe this stuff is old hat to you guys, but it seems like a realtively “cheap” (You still need the Zoom or something equivalent), but not having to buy a full SLR and still getting quality audio and video seems cool. Hope it will be useful for some of the other video noobs.

Couple other bits. The line in override for the mics doesnt work for this, so you have to use input 1/2
Set the audio to record at 48k, 44.1k will not be in sync with the video. I assume this is a phone issue, but I cant seem to find the settings for it, which based on how much other shit you can set in open camera makes me think its not possible to change.


I have OpenCamera on my Pixel and have been thinking about something similar along these lines. How’d you mount the camera? Tripod, etc?


Yeah I bought one of these:


but I ended up just using the camera holder (which has a standard tripod screw hole) on an actual tripod that we had around the house.


Wow, that’s beautiful. I must resist Teletype… Save cash for Norns… Been exploring Just Friends lately, and find it to be such a smooth sound source.

Really enjoyed this wip @slopstream! Curious where you’ll take this. I remember listening to your samples for the LCRP over and over again. I really like your taste in sounds!


Thank you! Yes, it’s a great sound source indeed- I’m finding myself using it a lot lately. Just type opens up a lot of possibilities for it.


hey thanks! that makes me glad. :slight_smile:

I’m working on a tape, maybe the finished version of this will be on it. anyway - I’ll make sure to post a link here on lines once it’s done.


Thanks! It is mostly the Meris Polymoon, which is a delay that you can effect the repeats with various built-in things (phaser/flanger/pitching)


I just found a video of an improvisation I was part of back in March. This is part of a music series here in Toronto called Audiopollination. Each musician is more-or-less randomly put into a group of 2 - 4 and you play a 25-30 minute improv set.

At this event I was playing Cocoquantus, Ekdahl Moisturizer, contact mic, vocals, and electromagnetic mic suctioned to my phone.


Made this reactive composition max patch for the monome grid for a uni assignment. Largely based on a modified version of Conway’s game of life.


Hey, this looks (and sound) great! Love the cuts to outdoor footage. And the nice natural light :sun_with_face:


20 characters thanks!


This month’s live set Bandcamp upload is 18 minutes of liquid glitch-concrete gunk synthesis (:tm:) recorded during my 2016 Mutek residency at the Banff Center.


New experimentation using Magneto in infinite mode and turning the speed/pitch knob live to change notes. Also using Plaits, Rings, Plonk, Clouds, STO, Ornament & Crime, Voltage Block, Pamela’s New Workout and Radio Music.


new k-blamo

:slightly_smiling_face:monome, parc, bass station vst, monolase, springbox, satin, iphone voice memo vocals


'Ve put some stuff together for the :cupid: video off my latest tape. Enjoy.