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this is great. (plus more characters)


this is the first piece i created with my battery powered set-up. on the way home from work i set up on a bench and did this.


latest stuff me and a buddy did with my sp1200.


Beautiful shot and very nice sounds! :sun_with_face: Looking forward to see more of this.


I’m a bit jealous of your way home from work :smiley: I miss living close to water sometimes.


Would love to listen to that live!


thanks! (and 20 characters)


thanks! and yes, living in southern california is pretty fantastic with respect to proximity to beaches, mountains etc.


just posted this video. cutting up some guitar / piano samples with one grid and playing alto with another grid. sending sounds through the sp-303 and count to five pedal.


A llllllll appreciation patch! For all the shared ideas, inspiration, knowledge and encouragement. Came here first somewhere around six months ago after eyeing a Grid for many years. This is a very special place, both wonderful and strange. Can’t wait to see all what follows now with Norns coming up.

: - )


sooo good. love the ascension of the piece and how well the video goes with it.


This is my favourite of yours yet Plym. Fantastic!


It got all planty in there! :slight_smile: great music as always!


@kin.sventa @polyoptics @Ithacus

Thank you so much for listening and the kind words guys! Very very grateful!


Just uploaded my Atoms of Night EP. It’s all Gretsch Tennessee Rose through a Fender Vibroverb amp. And a kick. And a Rhodes piano. And some birds. Enjoy!


Heres a new one from my balcony in Thailand :slight_smile:


Gosh! Beautiful stuff @mlogger! And what a view. Where in Thailand is this? I’m travelling through Thailand this summer.


Thanks, its Ubon Ratchathani Province close to Mekong border with southern Laos (Pakse is the city in Laos)


Another chapter of Cerrus’s journey


G2 + op1 tube samples + STO + E340 + Rings + loads of fuzz. No actual guitars :slight_smile: