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I recorded ‘ambient’ footage from a nearby bog, lit up by today’s spring sunshine, using a waterproof camera. Then had a go at adding some audio: an excerpt from a room recording of my live set at Sound Room, Helsinki in March. BIt quiet, sorry!


Sneak peak for my live show in 2 weeks :slight_smile:

Also, a video (not the full performance),


This is the first sketch I’ve wanted to show off. Sounds a little like a junkyard band, something around Swordfishtrombones-era Tom Waits–which I didn’t expect! But I thought I’d make the most of it, and I’m pretty happy with this little snippet.


Heres another one. I thought I’d show what it’s like where i live. Its me doing my daily morning bicycle ride with music done on a monome isms and arc system.



a new Moreau comp is out now, featuring all-Richmond based experimental friends (including fellow lines friend @Benjamin_Mauch !). all proceeds go directly to the wonderful Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project.

I have a track under my own name, “Dream of a Chrysalis”, along with Outer Heaven’s “Tracer”.


Very happy to be a part of this!


I don’t have the leader part of this little play, but yesterday I sent an old tune I found on my hard drive (that I don’t even remember having recorded) to my dear friend, Ludvig Kennberg. He want stuff to play drums to a little now and then. It’s always exciting to see what my stuff turns out to be after his treatment.


Field recording of Douglas Lake near the bridge here in Michigan. Drone from the OP-1 in the background with light reverb.


Feeding Rings back into itself :slight_smile:


A demo of some sort. I was thinking of letting my Voltage Block go but this patch got my mind clear again.
This is just Voltage Block’s channel 1 going into 1v/oct, channel 5 info Mod B and channel 6 is patched into the Mod A on the E330. The background stuff is a whole lotta mess that I have no idea how to describe :blush:


did that the other day. not sure how i feel about it.
that’s a direction i’d like to explore in a future release.

involves crumpled tape loop, mixer, modular system, piano, Pacific coastal forest.


Full Mannequins voice plus uBurst…


Hi all,
I just dicovered lines and I like so much the idea!
my name is Claudio and I come from Sardinia (an island in the middle of Mediterranean sea).
I play music since 2003 and now I’m making my own videos and short film and finally I entered the modular world.
I build my first rack based me on Make Noise System Cartesian and here you can find a track based on a krell path played in conjuction with arturia microbrute and VCV rack. hope you will like.
thanks so much for being a great community!

Dark Ancient Krell Music



More experiments with marbles → plonk → rings


What a beautiful place. The camera jitter really made me feel like I was there too. Thanks for sharing this.


Newly uploaded to my Bandcamp Page: “Aabccekkmr (for modular synthesizer and two dancers),” my live collaboration with Amanda Maraist and Kara Brody, as captured by @Dan_Derks at High Concept Labs on 28 April 2018.


New album from my cousin Lailah


One of the first tunes I made upon acquiring the Synthstrom Deluge and Micromonsta. All sounds exclusively from both.