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modular jam and liquid light show

Special thanks to the Visual by Justin Howard.
About the project: Music for Aquariums is a new Album I am working on that will go off the grid and feature sounds that you might here on your journey to the depths of the ocean floor and back.

About The song: I have been working on some music for aquariums. This one goes on after hours when the sea creatures that emit light come out. Usually only the janitor is their but they are wearing headphones and preoccupied to see the sea creatures that emit light.

About the creation: a handful of oscillators with 3 looping AD Envelopes modulating each other along with some live tweeting created the “rhythm” The slowest AD envelop was clocking the sequencer. Live tweeted a couple filters. Ran it threw a couple of reverbs and delays. Put a phaser in there somewhere. Used some lowpass gates for the VCA. I then gave the song to a friend and they did a liquid light show for the visuals and it is basically a short visual film.


first explorations of morphagene (thanks @myecholalia) + volca fm.

batumi seems to be a perfect friend for modulation (some self-patching in there too for a little unpredictability) and running into clouds afterwards provides almost endless variations, even with very simple source material.

also experimenting with contact mic amplifying small objects (stones, paperclips, etc.).


Finally had time to focus on music this weekend, and recorded this sketch today. Some field recordings from the basement processed with grid/MLR, old bits of cassette and Just Friends.


The good folk at Osclltr Records in Berlin just put out this EP with four of my single-take, live eurorack improvisations.


Today I released the first in 12 monthly synthesis pieces. Drone/noise. All live takes, with minimal post-production.

Tell us your soundcloud/bandcamp sites

on good days, things self-assemble from the aether…


Really enjoyed this. Super nice movement!


sequence is generated by a korg SQ-1, sequencing a mutable instruments braids in pluck mode. quantized internally by ‘bees in the trees’ firmware. output through mannequins three sisters. the first ~35 seconds are the patch by itself, then i stack a few layers of the patch for something a bit denser.

several channels of random from pamela’s new workout are running in time with the sequence at various divisions of the clock. random outputs are running through cold mac to:

  • braids FM
  • braids timbre [decay]
  • braids color [hard-to-describe sound quality]
  • 3 sisters FM
  • 3 sisters span
  • cold mac survey (self-patched)

manually manipulating 3 sisters span and frequency for harmonic control and cold mac survey for modulating the modulators. mod controls on braids are just barely in the positive to keep things under control.

photo is an accidental thing that happened on 35mm several years ago.

Cold Mac Ideas

this is wonderful! is this multiple takes stacked? delayed? outs simply panned? ~0:50 there’s that lovely counterpoint spread that kicks in and I’m in love with it.


thanks so much!! yes it ends up being three tracks stacked: the main track right down the middle, one track panned a bit right, one panned a bit left. the left and right tracks fade in and out every 6-8 bars.


more sketching for the film I’m scoring


Here is a house show my spouse and I played two weekends ago. Modest 6U eurorack, Roland piano, and bowed banjo. Enjoy!


Eurorack noise-core w/ Organelle running ORAC.

Graphic by Paper Rad.


Five notes FM loops are all I need


just posted this. live sampled a glockenspiel. cut up folk / jazz samples with mlr. played Aalto and ran sounds though the count to five pedal and sp-303.


That was awesome! Keep it up


wow thank you! twenty :raised_hands:t5::raised_hands:t5::raised_hands:t5:


New sounds. Pittsburgh Modular SV-1, Korg Minilogue and Monologue. Thanks for the listen.


My latest video is a teaser for my new album. Yay!

And here’s the bandcamp player:


@boboter Congrats on the release! Wonderful sounds there