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Been working on this Max-based soundscape-sort-of-thing for a little while now, intended to be a dreamy documentation of the little part of South East London that I live in, called Deptford. It’s basically a collection of field recordings playing all simultaneously, but with timbre/amplitude/a few other things controlled by real time data about the tidal levels of the River Thames, which, for centuries, was the lifeblood of this part of London. In the post-industrial era, it is less so, but the two are still intrinsically linked. This is probably the minimum length for hearing any sort of change, as the tide level only gets updated every fifteen minutes, so a recording of this length really only takes in the movement from one reading to the next.

The drone-y part that makes up the tonal centre of the piece is actually one of my first experiments with w/, running a little loop through Rings and then drowned in Valhalla Vintage verb in the patch. Delay on other tracks is my favourite delay ever: Soundtoys’ PrimalTap.


Sun and sounds


This - both the idea and the results - sounds awesome. You studying/ied at Goldsmiths or LCC by any chance?


Thank you! I’m at Goldsmiths doing the MA in Computational Arts.


Inspired by Terry Riley’s “In C”. Pittsburgh Modular SV-1- Korg Volca FM Thanks for the listen!



Because @Dan_Derks is the best, he edited together a video from my performance using the two iPhone video sources we had available from the show.


Very happy to be back to feed the voratious vortex that is the “latest tracks + videos” topic with a new track of mine. Hope you’ll enjoy this one, it’s very slow, quite dark, and it feels especially dear to me, for some reason. It’s called “Burn the whole house down”.

It’s on bandcamp for those who like this best

And here’s the soundcloud player


Same patch as the one I posted from outside my window a couple of days ago. This time it’s recorded from inside the house.


Sounding like the 80s! Deluge sequencing Micromonsta and modular.


Beautiful :slight_smile:


driving a Lissajous with some generative fm in supercollider

passif 1, 2, & 3

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My first attempt at andom self patching my new cold Mac. Turned out to be kind of an analog bit crush. Cool


Here’s a clip of me messing around some more with having the Pamela’s New Workout control Live via Skinnerbox’s Clock4Live. It’s also running the the SQ-1 and modulating the 0-Coast. Hope to use this in something in the future, or at least expand these ideas into something else I am working on.


New two-tracker from my experimental techno project

1.Murv - dry minimal experimental.
2.Vrum - warm hypnotic dreamy pads.


Suddenly felt inspired and before I knew it I was recording a patch this morning! Been struggling with fulfilling stuff lately, so this felt very good and playful. Lots of Mangrove and Just Friends. Super in love with the sound of these.


Hey, super cool! You’ve really got a handle on your equipment. Great to hear some great sounds and see a great performance as usual. :cake:


Thanks a bunchhh @polyoptics :raised_hands: Very much appreciated!


this is really good :slight_smile: