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Thanks @David_Rothbaum! Means a lot :slight_smile:


Yes, this one is fantastic! I’ve had your music on repeat since I heard it for the first time a couple of weeks back.
@polyoptics is right, looks like you’ve got a really good handle on your setup. Loving the movements and build.


Wow @Satinist! That makes me really happy :smile: Thank you!


I’m pretty happy that some of my music is currently exhibiting at the Venice Biennale right now alongside an installation by Zeitguised. If anyone happens to be near there, go check it out! :smile:


Sounds, and looks really good! The two compliment each other very well. Congrats :slight_smile:


Experiments with 2hp pluck → rings!


Experimenting with rings as a resonant filter


I’m cross posting from the w/ thready. It’s using rings and w/ to make noises that they don’t usually make


This is my live set from the Bangkok POWWOW live-streaming modular event last week. I’m on at the end from @01 hour:55 min onwards - i’m using an ISMS case, Arc (levels), Grid (Earthsea and Kria)

I’m open to playing as many gigs as possible this year - pm if anyone is interested in me playing weddings, funerals, festivals, support slots, barmizva’s! Have modular, will travel :slight_smile:


Pretty cool! :pie: :+1:


I was playing around with running the Radio Music through a low-pass-gate earlier. Stumbled across something that sounded pretty cool, so ended up patching the other elements of this track up around it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Here’s my last work: shortfilm and original soundtrack, finalist at Alternative Film Festival 2017


G2, tape loops, some modules and pedals for enhancing the palette.


trying to get into the habit of recording


Playing around with some drone ideas. Pittsburgh Modular and Volca FM. Thanks for the ears!


New song


After many solo jams, I just made my first tune with Digitakt and Digitone combined. As usual with these, recorded straight to cassette.


New song up for free download on my SoundCloud page:

Recorded in a single take with no overdubs.


Sound source: MN STO
Sequencer: MN Rene
Clock: MN Wogglebug
Filter: Three Sisters
Modulation/LFO: Xaoc Devices Batumi
Effects: Strymon Magneto and Intellijel Rainmaker


Here is an acousmatic piece i finished earlier this year.

field recordings, self-patched filer, tape, re-synthesis, and whatever other processes i had my hands on while building this.
Hope you enjoy it.


That was really good :slight_smile: