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20 chars of fantastic stuff!

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Here’s a cleaned-up version of my first attempt at making a thing with glut on Norns. Apologies to those of you who suffered through version 1 on the norns:approaching thread.



I took my annual spring roadtrip down the Oregon coast last week and brought along the modular. Time, rain, sand, sun, bugs, crowds, theives, batteries, and wind were among the obstacles to navigate but making music amoung the redwoods and beaches obviously made it worth it for me.



Hey all! I have a new conceptual noise piece which I made for, an experimental record label which distributes via spam email, ads on porn sites and tinder. My release was released as a “musical” backdrop for some bdsm porn videos. :upside_down_face::v: In the meanwhile one of the videos went trending and got 100k views!! :tada: Also, there was a release party/live show on Chaturbate, a porn live cam website, which got live-streamed to a sound art festival in Moscow! :star_struck:

The concept behind the music is a meditation on aggression through neutrally observing and materializing raw feelings and sounds. Raw guitar strings and springs welded onto contact microphones transform gesture into sound. The sound is buffered and granulated with a cocoquantus, to be able to inspect/magnify the motion over time.

I don’t know lines’s policy on linking to NSFW material, so I also made it available without video via Bandcamp and various streaming services like Spotify and co. Happy to send the videos to whoever is interested via DM though!

Because I learned so much lines and I want to give back to all you lovely people; here are some free download coupon codes which you can claim via and add it to your bandcamp library :heart:


edit: all gone!



Hello there, I’m very happy to share with you my first proper release, Urtìis (nettles), the album is going the be released next week (the 8th of june) , and will be available on streaming via bandcamp and on double 12".
You can have a pre-listen down here!



Something new. Mannequins w/ looping various sound modes from Plaits recorded to tape and slowed slightly. Recording is from a rehearsal for a performance which was based around a small system using w/ to build a larger piece with multiple voices



Here’s a little echo-jam with the OP-1 played through two Tonal Recall pedals and recorded straight to cassette.



Bobotiful. Nah seriously, really nice :blush:

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4 voices of just friends sequenced on kria via TT



Hahaha, thanks a lot.

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That’s lovely! 20 chars

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Monome Arc composition I did using a Monome isms system, recorded live in 1 take (17 mins). Its live sequencing, on the fly using Levels - This was part of a rehearsal for the Bangkok Powwow No1 live-streaming event and comprised the beginning of my set.



something really cool about that – I feel like there is a word on the tip of my tongue to describe it but I can’t quite put a finger on it… I like it.

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Quick vid of one of my duo projects. First try at incorporating the Soft Pop into my setup:


Tell us your soundcloud/bandcamp sites

thank you :slight_smile: appreciate you talking the time to listen and comment.



Elli Records just released my full length album today, loads of Modular and Max/MSP used in the making, some folks here might enjoy… :pray:



Really looking forward to listening to this @sonoptik!

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Nice process with the springs & strings welded to the contact mics.

Also a really unique approach that has as a label. It’s a really fascinating angle to distribution and exposure. I can’t say that i’ve come across anything like that before.

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This is fantastic. A sprinkling of psych and chiptune in there too… my other loves.
( ̑̑♡

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Hey thanks I like to change styles a bit as I get bored doing the same thing - the second half of the set was some ambient followed by glitch/breakbeats - I kind of threw the kitchen sink in there just for fun :slight_smile:

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