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After listening to Why we bleep ep5. I wanted to try something olivier said in the podcast…
Ears → Clouds
Clouds → Rings.
o_C modulating Position on rings for the drone.
Also testing my new 2hp stereo output!


You make this patch sound quite simple but whatever the case the results are gorgeous! :slight_smile:


Hi, I just tried something similar, but used Pamela’s new workout to modulate rings and clouds, sounded amazing, just need to try and remember how I built it up into a wall of sound and get it recorded, this sounds fantastic, very Ry Cooder and Paris Texas !


This is beautiful. Thanks


Thanks a lot. It really is just plaits, w/ and one Kria loop. It’s manually played into the loop rather than a sequence and it’s a really fun approach that I plan to replicate again in future



This is the first time I’ve seen w/ played live


Modular, Synths, Guitar, Bass, Vocals…All done live. Releasing today!


Awesome @robotboot !! Gonna give this a listen today. Hope all is well!


Yeah everything is good. Work, Music, Wife, Repeate… We need to get together on a track.


Little ambient piece I just put together!


this is a new ambient modular track with w/ all over it - recorded live in one take


I was going to share this too. It’s it grid ops on the grid? Does anyone know?


it looks like a version of earthsea with cv going to this / that


Ah thanks. That was my other guess and makes sense although I could never get w/ to behave that way. It does look like similar use to the Wanfeng video though which is grid>tt>w/


With recent celebrity suicides making headlines and the discussions about depression, anxiety, and suicide that have been filling my social media feeds, I decided to reflect on my own experiences and start working on some recordings that address them. Here’s the first of what will probably be a series of thematically-related works tentatively titled Waterbodies:

Two studies for “Waterbodies,” inspired by two bodies of water where I nearly ended my life in 2014. Two variations on a self-playing modular synthesizer patch.


i have a little collection of one-minute synth video clips up. have a look if you care…….:slight_smile:


My album Urtìis is out now. you can have a listen over there!


Something modernist-ish.


I started a new tape project…I used only a Tascam 414, an OP1, a guitar and a morphagene!