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Center- Pittsburgh Modular SV1- Korg Volca FM. Tracked in Cubasis 2 iOS. Thanks for the ears.


Second part of my 12 part monthly series is available now. Harvestman Kermit is the main voice on this one. More or less static drone with some tumbling dust in the background.


Here‘s my first jam with Norns using MLR. I played some loops with the OP-1 into it. Then recorded some more loops onto the OP-1’s tape and then routed both through two Tonal Recall delays and an OTO Bam to record the whole thing to cassette.

Both machines and their loops are very much non-synced but I think it turned out quite nicely. Hope you like it.


@boboter Man, that’s gorgeous! Perfect sounds for my morning.


Thank you. And good morning :slight_smile:


Really nice! So are you finding the mixing/arranging of the OP-1 a suitable replacement for the digitakt? Pros/cons?


this is awesome.
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I find the Digitakt and the OP-1 completely different in every way. The Digitakt has a focus on sequencing while the OP records audio. Very different approach. Both have their pros and cons. But in a live (jam) situation I can do more with the Digitakt as my music is often loop-driven and it leaves more room for manipulation.

But I have to switch setups around every once in a while to keep things interesting.


Thanks a lot. Much appreciated.


Thanks for the response; makes sense! I’ve been taking a similar loop-based approach with the Digitakt with good results so far. Just wish the individual recording time was longer…


New modular piece, a sea of modulating drones held together by physically modeled melodic percussion. Drones created through layered harmonic arpeggios made by modulating multipliers, formants, and phase/rhythm related cascading oscillations, and run through filters, delay and reverb.


This is the last of a collection of recordings from live set rehearsals focused on looping Plaits w/ W/. This one features Mangrove heavily too. Its just one sequence with both CV and audio being recycled.


Such a lovely melody! Very cinematic. Love the high pitched sprinkles that emerges around 3.40. That’s w/?


here’s the first thing I recorded with Norns. It took some time for me to find a place for it in my setup but now I feel comfortable using it for a multitude of purposes. Probably also dropping this one on vinyl some time later this year. :zipper_mouth_face:

in this one it’s providing layers of pads from Earthsea.


I just recorded this un-cutted jam, where I used Marbles as an arpeggiator controlling Just Friends in plume mode. I’m also using Plaits, Streams, Stages, Clouds… You’ll get more detailed patch note on Soundcloud.

I’m trying to improve my live skills. I felt quite busy when I was performing this little tune, but maybe I’m more overwhelmed than prolific.

Any critics / advises from fellow performer are welcome!

Another tune with Plaits and Mangrove:


It is. Its the original sequence with some punch ins played backwards at double time. It was actually a mistake in the recording. If I had two w/ it would have been used more extensively but i needed the normal time version for the following section


two sine oscillators phase modulating each other.
a quadrature lfo (o_C’s Quadraturia) exponentially modulating f of both oscillators with inverted phase, and amplitude of both oscillators again with inverted phase (amp mod is 45° out of phase vs phase mod for each oscillator)
some extra low pass filtering, delay and reverb.
all done inside the orthogonal devices er-301 with just a touch of reverb from oliverb.
inspired by reading stephen hawking.


Posted this in the Marbles thread as well, but here’s my latest:

MI (Marbles, Plaits, Rings, Clouds) stuff features heavily. Marbles is fast becoming my favorite module (it’s certainly the most fun) :heart:


New sounds- Heavily influenced by Riley, Reich and Glass. Ears appreciated. Thanks!


Did you record the audio with the mic lying in front of your monitors? Sound quality could be better as you don’t get a good sense of the dynamic range, but I’m loving the piece itself–really interesting.