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First time I have recorded anything to my daw or anything over 1 minute longs in far far too long. Hope you dig.

Here is four bricks rook triggering from left to right
Just friends///twin waves and plaits///magneto reverse//magneto shift mode.

Also before anything hits the magneto I have it going to the nebulae in the secondary record mode.


Perfect!! Love the Riley/Reich-vibes in this one. It’s so engaging to try to keep track of different patterns and motifs as they move along and evolve. Very, very good!


Wow. This is great! I need 20 characters but all I really wanted to say was Wow.


Thank you. That’s very much appreciated!


Many, many thanks. 20 characters


I put out some synthwave (?) stuff on a side-project; if you’re running a game of Shadowrun in your basement (because where else?) I think it might be an all right soundtrack. It’s pretty fun to try stuff that isn’t mostly ambient.


Some of my live set, last night in SF:

2nd time performing solo. All live improv’d. Could have progressed a bit faster I think… but overall I’m pleased.

This was also the first time performing with SuperCollider on the RaspberryPi + Pisound, doing all effects and recording the set! It ran flawlessly!


er-301. looper sharing buffer with a granular sampler. glitchy soundscapes.


Hello everyone- I wanted to share my most recent album Discorporeal. It’s a mixture of noisy ambient with lots of granular techniques throughout. The album is a sort of love letter to speculative fiction and all of the memories I’ve created from reading good books. Would love to hear people’s thoughts on it!


This is a final project I had to do for a non-major experimental film history class (also the first thing I’m actually sharing anywhere of my Eurorack experimentation.) For the video, I filmed the start of my commute for five days and superimposed all of the footage. The audio is Just Friends, w/ and two sines from an underutilized Instruo CsL (a serious FM beast) all going into Three Sisters. w/ is looping a short and unrecognizable sample from “Heigh Ho, It’s Off to Work We Go” as a joke. I recorded that patch three times to echo the structure of the video. Not sure how good any of it is, but it was fun to do.


Cool early morning tunes! Coincidentally, I’m pretty sure I bought your Intellijel case on Reverb, so our two consecutive posts are maybe using the same piece of gear?


@merlatte haha that’s awesome! Gear shift is quite the phenomenon. And thanks! Your track is nice as well- great work with the video!


I’ve been trying to learn the ER-301 that I’ve had languishing in my case for a few months now (and trying to get over my fear of sharing anything I make). 301’s doing the heavy lifting, sound and envelopes are from there. Marbles and Stages are handling sequencing, Three Sisters is doing some filtering with some noise from Plaits. Pretty basic, but I enjoyed it.


i love the record to cassette work flow. it help with moving on and working very precisely in what you do.


i like it, it has something…:slight_smile:


Music for Aquariums: Gathering of the Cuttlefish

21 Minute Modular Improvisation with Psychedelic Video Art.

Music for Aquariums is a new a/v project I am working on that will go off the grid and feature sounds that you might here on your journey to the depths of the ocean and places beyond…

This song is what I imagine it looks like when all the cuttlefish hang out and do what they want. This song was created on my modular with a patch that was inspired by the camouflage and color changing of the cuttlefish. I then thought of how many cuttlefish meet up at one time in the ocean and then I instantly stated thinking what the all start doing with their colors and camouflage while there are all together and this is what I thought that would look like. Youtube can’t even handle the amount of color and cool gradients that would happen.This video is kind of like looking at the clouds but your in an ocean looking at cuttlefish: dancing, moving, oscillating: all together in harmony symmetry mixed with random generated life. Think of the aquarium as place where you can be you and everyone likes that you are you because everyone there is not like you.

This song makes heavy use of my wish mosh of a modular that is 416HP. I created the main cv for the music with Intellijel Metropolis as the main heart of the sequence in conjunction with Verbos Electronics Sequence Selector and a bit of generative going on to ad just a minor variation. The main gates are being provided with a Euclidean Circles running into the Doepfer A-166 with is using the Intellijel Quadra + Expander to the Make Noise Optomix for the main sounds that are coming from a mix of Mutable instruments Plaits, Sputnik Modular Oscillator, Make Noise DPO that are all sort of feedback patched, the Quadra also had internal feedback patching and is also controlling tonality of the song though cv parameters. There was also a Make Noise Morphagene that was working of the main music source and also being sequenced with the help of the Verbos Electronics Sequence Selector signal selector and the Mutable instruments Blinds(with was helping with a lot of the CV in general). Befaco Hexmix + Hexpander are on mixing duty and has 3 separate AUX sends set up 1) 2x Alright Devices Chronoblob with a Xaoc Devices Kamieniec. 2) 2x Suiseki Phase Shifter with μClouds. Some modules i forgot to talk about that are used: Make Noise MMG, Doepfer A-120, Sputnik Modular Selector, Steady State Fate Entity Bass Drum Synthesizer, Make Noise Maths.


Just Norns + BAM, tried to imitate a hammed dulcimer sound.


Make Noise Custom Sytem Dark Ambient Patch

saturday morning patch

patch notes:

  • tempi main clock, ratcheting 3 states
  • pressure points sequenced by rene
  • telharmonic noise and harmonic out as main voice
  • sto as bass drone
  • maths as slew for eowave lfo, eg and cv mixer with second eowave lfo and wooglebug random cv
  • erica synth pico seqs controlling modulation for telharmonic
  • disting mk4 modualtin maths as delayed lfo

feedback welcome


Whenever I am in a creative rut, which I’ve been in for the past 4 months, I decide to remix something that sounds nothing like the music I usually make. In this case it’s “Reborn” by KIDS SEE GHOSTS (Kanye West’s & Kid Cudi’s collab.) and given that I listen to practically zero hip hop or rap, this proved to be extremely challenging. Pretty happy with how it turned out though.


Latest video with updates of my Monome sequencer patch. Using the 24 midi knobs on the Naked Boards unit to control the drums. Modular rack is off camera - synth voice is Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter > Magneto with some subtle moduation.