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Make Noise Custom Sytem Dark Ambient Patch

saturday morning patch

patch notes:

  • tempi main clock, ratcheting 3 states
  • pressure points sequenced by rene
  • telharmonic noise and harmonic out as main voice
  • sto as bass drone
  • maths as slew for eowave lfo, eg and cv mixer with second eowave lfo and wooglebug random cv
  • erica synth pico seqs controlling modulation for telharmonic
  • disting mk4 modualtin maths as delayed lfo

feedback welcome



Whenever I am in a creative rut, which I’ve been in for the past 4 months, I decide to remix something that sounds nothing like the music I usually make. In this case it’s “Reborn” by KIDS SEE GHOSTS (Kanye West’s & Kid Cudi’s collab.) and given that I listen to practically zero hip hop or rap, this proved to be extremely challenging. Pretty happy with how it turned out though.




Latest video with updates of my Monome sequencer patch. Using the 24 midi knobs on the Naked Boards unit to control the drums. Modular rack is off camera - synth voice is Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter > Magneto with some subtle moduation.


My third album as Starthief just dropped today. Ambient, drone, abstract electronic. Eurorack with occasional softsynths.


More adventures from Nornland MLR.


Finally finished the mix down the of this live streamed session from January. Sort of percussive… repetitive… bassy… swirly… ripples:


This was really very good. Loved the visuals and minimalist improved piece. Is the audio available elsewhere so I can listen to this when I’m out and about? :slight_smile:


Music for wobbly bridges. Messing around with, soundgrains and some footage I found on of a bridge collapsing.


Slowly working towards a live set (anyone have any good ideas for places I might play in the North of the UK - guess I should ask elsewhere?). Still intending to add Organelle and rPi/Pisound/Norns (until I can afford a grid/norns for real) but more programming needed for those

Polyend Seq and Audulus is turning out to be a really nice combination.


First composition with norns! Using it alongside the modular and some pedals.

I also wanted to try something new, and instead of making a typical, “floating-hands” type of video, I filmed as if you were in my room watching me perform :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for taking the time to check it out. I put “Gathering of the Cuttlefish” onto most of the music platforms.


The first EP of our band La Sciarma is out now on Bandcamp, cd and cassette limited edition too.
Not synth related but more of a guitar driven indie rock.


this is wicked stuff… nice work!


Lovely! What is norns doing here? I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it…


Improv using Earthsea triggering samples on the er301.


Smash that grid! Woo!

BTW - Are you using the Earthsea module or Ansible Earthsea?


Its a genuine original Earthsea module :slight_smile:


my patch from… an hour ago?

The melody is just me playing Earthsea live into W//. Just Friends does a lot W// THIS and THAT. Everything runs out into Norns mlr. all noodling/ recording live.