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Not my music but a colab with Benjamin Mauch. He is on here = @Benjamin_Mauch “When I Leave, I Will Remember”

trying to set up a patch for the next one

VideUtopia is my youtube channel focusing on long formate shots. How long can i point the camera until i freak out and need to move it or loose the light.

Im always down to collaborate if anyone has something that could pair well.


The first EP of our band La Sciarma with the title “Volume II” it’s out on Bandcamp and in a limited cd and cassette edition.

Not synth related but more of a indie/alternative Italian rock band very very 90s (as we effectively are :sweat_smile: )

Show us some love! :heart:


here’s an ambient improvisation with with op-1 in random sequence mode, cassette tape and keys with modular processing, & maple leaf.


Here is something I came up with using Make Noise’s Mysteron as main sound source.
Caterina Barbieri’s loop talk was a great inspiration and I tried to stretch the Mysteron to infinity and beyond with the help of Strymon Magneto. Give it a go let me know what you think.

Here is a link for the talk:


my jazz record


A short clip of what i throwed together last evening…first real patch since ive moved to my new flat

Torshälla Electro Grooves


My newest two song EP. First song is my disquiet junto entry that I decided to expand on. The second song uses a lot of modulations that modulate other modulations.


w/ being used as a glitch delay thing.


Here’s my first Eurorack patch that I felt compelled enough to record and share. Listening back there’s some low frequency rumbles that I should try to figure out, but for now I can chalk it up to an additional texture! Pretty happy with the ‘digital harmonica’ tone, but wish I had more interesting ways to manipulate it.

What an incredible medium modular is. Now that I’m starting to figure it my workflow with the Electribe I’m really excited for my synth to expand and gain an additional voice or two with some additional effects and modulation sources!


Not what I expect from this forum at all! A pleasant surprise - listening now.

I’ve just uploaded a new episode of my field recording podcast, if anyone’s interested:


session with norns / modular synthesizer. live sampled vinyl and synth in to mlr. i aslo put up the longer 7 minute long version using the new instagram tv feature.


Sorry for spamming, but here’s another patch that I’m quite happy with. I’m not as thrilled with my ‘performance’. I wish I would have stretched the buildup a little longer, but I still very much like how it sounds!


More practice on a performance set. Here’s about 30 minutes of it. Teletype, Ansible, Telex, and 301 are the heart of it.


heres a new one


Here’s my latest – I’m trying to build self-playing patches with multiple overlapping time signatures. The struggle is making it sound harmonic, and not just busy!


This track was originally composed for a live set but I liked it so much that I recorded a reworked version of it to cassette.

The Elektron Digitone is playing four internal tracks and sequencing the modular system which is routed through the K-Mix and then into Digitone to add delay and reverb.


My first video with the Elektron Digitone. 4 little tunes I like a lot. Great synth


Link to elsewhere for now - will have an embed later. But, anyhow:


in which I try to enter a remix competition for a hip-hop producer’s sample pack, and end up getting lost in future jazz or something.


Just released a new single. It’s three versions of the same track. It’s the first time I’ve used my eurorack modular to create techno. It was an interesting experience to say the least.

All songs will soon be available on all the known streaming platforms, but for now, here’s the soundcloud link!


Here’s a set of stuff I’ve been working on centered around the Ciat Lonbarde Cocoquantus and Sidrax. Enjoy