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Here’s a moody jam I recorded last night. Sequence is an MS-20 controlled by modular stuff, pads from the Mopho x4, and the drums are noise and the Yusynth Steiner-Parker filter. All recorded live in one take.


A new track from me

Sort of an homage to Wolfgaing Voigt


New drone-y 3 voice soundscape using the mutable instruments elements, plaits and mannequins mangrove. Adapted from a backing drone used during a live set with a band I play guitar in. Everything runs through the Meris Polymoon, Mercury7, Boss RE-20 Space Echo, and Elektron Analog Heat.


love this, could listen to this sound forever.


Thank you!!!


I finally decided to install tt 2.3 firmware. Still trying to learn all the new grid operators.



New sounds, “Spectrum”. Thanks for the ears!


New adventures in percussive tendencies… 2hp Kick, DU-KRPLS and Mangrove, triggered by White Whale and DU-RDT, and modulated by Just Friends…


This is my concept I’ve been working on during my master studies. You can have a listen on iTines and Spotify.


I just recorded this live this morning, very rough around the edges techno drenched in much reverb and drone. second half became a bit more focussed but also a bit more messy. enjoy!


Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t been around much over the past few weeks - Life is stupidly busy.

Here’s a track I wrote and recorded in a day with Andy Hunter off of the Presence App:


“Maqam Garde…”

really enjoying this!


Just Type going through the RE-501, really digging this patch, may try to develop it into something more, but for now here it is in its humble beginnings :blush:


A little experiment in minimalism. Thanks for the ears!



Thats super cool! :pie:
I was on the edge of my seat waiting for a funky hiphop beat to come in tho! :smiley:


most of my music are failed attempts at hip hop
worth mabye a half head nod

feel free to add drums if you want

i need to make a one shot sampler for norns (or tweak hello-ack) to make drumming easier


Free/pay what you want collaborative album with Matt Christensen (Zelienople), Eric Eleazer, and myself.

Guitar, Keys, and Modular.


anticipation for the Great Southern Drone Ensemble show in Adelaide later this month.