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last night and today I’ve finally started really digging in to teletype and just type, trying to wrap my head around everything. I’m now starting to grasp the fundamentals, and the possibilities that have been opened up are insane.

here’s some very basic use of just type to do some generative polyphonic vibes - random melody within the scale set by a pattern, with triggers set by incremented coin tosses.


Just released a new album full of ‘symphonic drone’ kind of thing. It’s connected to music I wrote for a contemporary dance piece (I’m sure you can guess the title) and to M. Tippett’s “Child Of Our Time”.

Also made a video for one of the tracks:


Sounds beautiful. Would love to see the script you used for this!


for music, here is the scd (SuperCollider document), and samples:

for video, I used G’MIC’s pixelsorting on the commandline and FFMpeg and then Kdenlive.


Picked up a RML Hyde distortion filer (euro) last week. Like all RML…top notch.


MLR loves piano


Here’s my live set from the recent Bangkok livestream powwow event. I’m using the grid and arc, kria, levels and earthsea.


This is from today using earthsea


enjoying your bangkok set !


thankyou :slight_smile:



Just finished up a three track ep. Some field recordings from my phone (wind chime, piano with background conversation, some public speaking), norns mlr, aleph meadowphysics, and some modular synth.


Really nice!
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i am loving this. + 20 characters


From my first single.


Out now! My new album Undulations of which you can listen to, download, purchase, and buy a tape here:

A cinematic, minimalist album of icy modular synth music inspired by my epic experiences at sea in the Southern Ocean, Antarctica with Sea Shepherd. You can check out some of the incredible things that I saw down there in this video that I cut together for the album’s opening track, Epithet:

Would love to know how it makes you feel x


Another Rings>Clouds heavy patch. The main reason I decided to capture and share this patch is that it’s the first I’ve made using only modular gear that feels somewhat complete.

At this point I’m treating my YouTube channel as a synthesis diary. Hopefully I can help and inspire some other people getting started with modular, even if my patches at this point are a little pedestrian.


just made this to learn / explore two mangroves as a complex oscillator. live sampling with norns mlr too.


Grid GAS intensifies!


you make him proud. Bravo!