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Experimenting with guitar > modular. Just Friends provides rhythmic decoration.


Here’s one I put together yesterday… I purchased a cheap radio at the supermarket that scans shortwave bands. It’s used to modulate the cutoff of the vcf for the bass sound on this:


bouncy! really nice sound and visuals. thanks.


Gee, I sort of hate for my first post on Lines in ages to be a bit of self promotion, but I have been busy. Here’s my new album. “Travis”. It’s 33 minutes of fairly happy clanky techno:


New song: BATS


I thought this track might be interesting to any rings fans.

The patch is just rings into doepfer’s wasp filter into channel 2 of an optimix. Channel one of the optimix has no input but a gate into strike - creating a really bad bass drum kinda sound. I then use the output of channel one into the damp input of channel 2 - for instant side chaining. We’re just listening to the main output of optimix.

I thought this was interesting as an example of how you can make more aggresive tones using rings - and achieve a pretty full sounding piece of music with few modules.


it sounds almost acoustic (like a plastic shell being scraped / struck), very briefly at the beginning, and at the lull midway through. Otherwise it sounds digital, sort of like a MN Mysteron




Here’s an album I made with my friend Avi Buffalo out in LA earlier this year, just put it out today. It features Avi on processed guitar and Moog, and me on modular synthesizer.

Blacklodge & Avi Buffalo - 1


I made a Music Video and we used a lot of Modular, Synths, Sequencer, Drum Machine, as set pieces. I had a bunch of fun and got to use just about all of my audio and video stuff. Its like im back in film school :slight_smile:


I’m very very bad at deciding that something is finished. I have music I’ve been working on for decades (!) because I can always find something else to tweak. Here’s a thing I released to Spotify the other day because someone was nagging me (which I realise is a good thing).


New generative video for a track from my upcoming album (out tomorrow!):

Made by writing a drawing algorithm that uses frequency band analysis and amplitude as inputs.



this is great! love the control center y’all made with your gear!


Not exactly my ‘latest’ video work, but I think it has fun vibes :smile:
Music is from a buddy, Toxic Chicken :chicken:


There is a certain calmness to it that gets washed away (ha!) by a feel of urgency. I really like it. (Also thank you for saving our oceans :heart:)


Vox- soundscape
Pittsburgh Modular SV1- Koma Field Kit- Korg Monologue. Tracked and mastered in Auria Pro. FX-AltiSpace - MasterRecord - Kosmonaut. Analogue summing via Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK
Thanks for the ears!


Thanks for listening to any so inclined :slight_smile: made with mostly mannequins…w/, jf, 3sis, mangrove (and (edit) cold mac…how could i forget!?).


thank you. im so glad that it didn’t fall. it was suspended from the ceiling. i was like u want to hang all our gear :roll_eyes: