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Not exactly my ‘latest’ video work, but I think it has fun vibes :smile:
Music is from a buddy, Toxic Chicken :chicken:


There is a certain calmness to it that gets washed away (ha!) by a feel of urgency. I really like it. (Also thank you for saving our oceans :heart:)


Vox- soundscape
Pittsburgh Modular SV1- Koma Field Kit- Korg Monologue. Tracked and mastered in Auria Pro. FX-AltiSpace - MasterRecord - Kosmonaut. Analogue summing via Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK
Thanks for the ears!


Thanks for listening to any so inclined :slight_smile: made with mostly mannequins…w/, jf, 3sis, mangrove (and (edit) cold mac…how could i forget!?).


thank you. im so glad that it didn’t fall. it was suspended from the ceiling. i was like u want to hang all our gear :roll_eyes:


Title track from Degrowth, 20.07.2018 (fingers crossed, anyway).
Video is literally me holding my phone at the window of a train so if you’re into lo-fi video production you’re welcome.


I new track that I made while trying to learn Just Type- been a great adventure so far!


that’s what i’m doing this weekend! this sounds so good. thanks for the inspo.


How do you set up the FM side of things? I really like the timbres you are getting out of this, and I feel like I struggle sometime with getting noise-y or only a few notes with a good timbre when I mess with JF’s FM abilities.

Love it!


Thanks @barnjazz and @jlmitch5!

For this track I was just messing with the FM by hand, but never turning to either extreme. What I usually do is start in the middle or just a little CW (gets a nice low end that way) and just subtly move it CW or opposite- no crazy tricks really but I like how it sounds when it gets really intense for a really short period of time. Another thing I use in this one is white noise FM’ing Three Sisters- I’m in love with the tone colors I get from it!


great jam i like the delay ish repeat sounding stuff


Thanks a lot! I was using the new ratcheting feature on Ansible to set that up- super fun.


Modular Diary #4. Just another patch, but here the Voltage Block is doing sequencing.



Recorded a bit of piano & modular synth this evening…


back to scoring after a little break:


“Inflammatory Haircut” is an ongoing series of recordings that were made over the internet in various ways in late May / June '18. “Martian Hello” is a morphed / spoonerized version of the classic phrase “yer harshing my mellow”. Zachary Zena Giberson and I traded seed tracks back and forth after work days / on the road and then added our own bits to the final mixes. We plan to continue to build on this occasionally when we both have time. I wonder what it will look like later? Thank you Zachary for waking me from my deep and selfishly circular depression ! This work is refreshing and personal to me to say the least. Titles and order etc were chosen from a stream of consciousness generated pool of words, snippets from magazine articles and such and then assigned by using physics / entropy and Unixy shell one liners for random shuffling. The tracks are made with layers of concrete and various synthesizers this time, although that may morph and change as we add more material. We hope other friends will join in and make some audio for it as well, but I haven’t really asked anyone yet, (perhaps Zachary has?). Some of the audio can be a little harsh, so please start at a low volume. It is hosted primarily on the Internet Archive (the full / current 19 tracks), but this is a link to the BC page for convenience:

Thanks for reading / listening if you do. quasi-anonymously yours, horridus



Been makin’ something this week.

Inspired a bit by “playfair” and “foulplay” on norns. But I wanted it to be grid-based, with more performative control over the rhythms.

Mostly, it’s been a lot of interface refining. But I think things are starting to come together.

256 not strictly required. But for now, at least, variable brightness is.

There are some features not shown here, as well.

It can easily switch between drum mode (mapped to Ableton drum rack, outputs on channel 10), pentatonic mode (as seen here. channel 5), and a half-built arpeggiator thing (on channels 6, 7, 8, and 9). More modes are probably forthcoming.

The clock can run in either direction, although recent changes have made backwards movement error-prone.

The clock can also be driven by outside sources (a midi clip, for example.) I’m personally looking forward to slowly turning a jog wheel, like a music box.

(this is not on norns yet. max and javascript, no lua. we prototype on what we’re comfortable with…)


Been having a bit of “perhaps I should sell all my stuff” moment today so thought I should make something with it all & see if that helped.

No closer to an answer but enjoyed making it