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Isn’t the enjoyment what counts? Hope you figure it out.


second in a series of video manipulation pieces! I especially like how the video ends on “26”, my age, completely by chance.


Radon Daughters (working title)

A live, improvised, musical set played by:

Patrick Neill Gundran: Guitar
Clifford Dunn: Flute
Horridus: Blippoo Box

Gallery 1412, Seattle WA, May 26th, 2018

Special thanks to:

Walrus Machine

Host: Kole Galbraith
Live Sound: Noel Kennon

==> Flac <==

Or MP3:


I recently made a sound pack for the Elektron Digitone and with that, four demo tracks to showcase the patches. Here are those four demos in one video. Hope you enjoy the little tunes.


create sounds and tunes, enjoyed a lot


Thank you very much!


Recorded this Cats.


Pittsburgh Modular SV1 - Korg Volca FM
Tracked in Auria Pro
FX- Discord 4- Kosmonaut - Eos2
Thanks for the ears!


Finally uploaded a new subscriber-exclusive recording, Mnxyr, to my Bandcamp page:

During my final night in Asheville for Make Noise’s 10 Year Celebration, and directly following my return to the hostel from Sunday’s Modular on the Spot at French Broad River Park, I set out to record something inspired by everything I had experienced over the course of the weekend. The patch was built around comments made during the developers panel discussion from Saturday night, namely, features that they felt were under-utilized or under-appreciated, such as the Telharmonic’s Spiratone mode, the DPO’s X-Lock input, and Tempi’s CV and Gate State Select inputs.

I didn’t make any patch notes or document the patch in any significant way other than this recording and photo used in the artwork. The patch was more-or-less self-playing and rather noisy, fun and unpredictable, with very little manipulation from me once I ran out of cables.

This track might have been longer, but I had to stop and save the recording before the batteries died. I’m not exactly sure what caused some of the random sound and volume drop-outs, but nonetheless, I’m presenting this as an unedited, unpolished sonic snapshot of my time in Asheville.


I’ve been doing a weekly podcast of drones, made from various sources. This is the seventh, and it’s the first one made from a prepared score.‬

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Guitar direct into norns mlr, then further processed and layered in glut… slight highcut to get rid off hiss


Recorded backstage at The Knitting Factory in Boise, ID on July 16, 2018.

Patch notes: Mother 32’s oscillator and white noise run through an optomix for the bass and snare, phonogene playing back a live recording of Chris Rosenau playing guitar at the Eaux Claires festival a couple weeks earlier, morphagene playing a sample of the song Grasses by ASM, both run through opposing ends of 3 Sisters, whole mix then run through a heavily modulated Clouds, everything modulated by Cold Mac, everything sequenced by White Whale and Ansible running Kria.

Full rack breakdown:


Norns running on Pisound/push 2 (thank you very much @TheTechnobear - you might spot Orac in this as well :wink: ) , Organelle and new Audio Damage Quanta

really excited about Norns - so much potential and was quite nice going through installing it because I have a real sense of how all the code fits together - will be making stuff for it! Between Organelle and Norns and my iPad feels like a whole new world of music making…

Once I’d set it all up I just improvised and let it take me where it took me…


Here’s a little study for something that’s going to be longer – I’ve been getting a lot out of Clouds lately (who hasn’t?), mostly by treating it like a budget Morphagene, and by modulating it with multiple different clocks at once.

Thanks for watching!



Hi all,

Put out my most recent album today. It’s based around climate collapse, global warming, and related problems. It was meant to be pretty dark, though I think I ended up making some non-dark tracks as well. Lots of variety in here.


I discovered the ‘foulplay’ patch in Norns…


The latest in the tracks I’ve been working on for scoring my short film. This one is a rather long slow drone.



just messes around and made a remix of “back to life” by soul 2 soul. mlr, meadowphysics, earthsea and two mangroves as a complex oscillator. using a sp-303 and count to five for effects too,


Getting some practice in with a newly-assembled 7U setup. A simple/minimal ambient piece.