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i can see why! beautiful.


I performed live on the radio here in Austin TX on July 8th and thought I’d share:


Thanks for the kind words.


I think this is the first thing I’ve posted here.
I found an old recording I’d done with a Buchla 259e (I miss that oscillator!) and processed it.
Not the most original sounding thing in the world but I quite like the timing.



Finally got the footage from the gig I did with @Angela and @tehn back in February. Really happy with it, especially after seeing it from a distance.



A live improv I did today.


I liked this quite a bit! If you remember what you had patched here I’d love to know what all’s going on.


Rene is sequencing Rings (x2), which are being run through Magneto, Pico DSP, and Erbe-Verb. Magneto is both providing atmosphere/delay and clocking Rene.


This is my first recorded ER 301 patch/track, and my first sample based tune too. This was an exercise in learning the ER 301 and Teletype in a more compositional framework than my previous modular music so the focus was more on “how do I make this happen?” rather than happy accidents etc. Hope some of you enjoy!


Animoog, Model 15, Cubasis, Audiobus, Rozeta, StepPolyArp, Kosmonaut, Aufx Push, AltiSpace, Master Record. Thanks for the ears.


here we go…another one-minute looping creation with a random pick of the patch i have currently going in my modular system. enjoy:)



My last live set… There’s some noise in one channel for a bit but it passes fairly soon. I was pretty happy with how this set turned out and it’s practically the only one I’ve played and gotten a decent recording of.


Thanks! Yep I had three voices—low: 0-Coast, centre: Mangrove, and high: Rings running through a Three Sisters. I had the A section of a Korg SQ-1 controlling Rings and the B section controlling Mangrove and it was set to Random. There was reverb from a disting mk4 and LFOs from an Ornament + Crime too. Also the SQ-1 was getting triggers from the 0-Coast’s random output.


Felt like I needed to get to know my Digitone better so did a ‘live in the studio’ piece using only the Digitone


Last recordings of my short collection of pieces i’d like to release in a month



thank you @bodydouble


My first post in Lines :slight_smile: