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looking forward to the release! Great stuff


Recorded backstage at The Anthem in Washington, DC on July 26, 2018.

Patch notes: triggers from Kria are being fed into the 3 Sisters’ individual inputs creating some rhythmic pings, along with the Mother 32’s vca output into the ALL, frequency of the filter modulated by White Whale. White noise snare made by triggering a medium decay AD envelope and the Optomix’s STRIKE input with the same trigger. Wogglebug’s WOGGLE audio out to the second Optomix channel and sending a modulation of the STEPPED out through Cold Mac to the STRIKE input, makes for a really nice odd kick every time the woggle lands at it’s lowest value. Phonogene playing a spliced sample of Molly Sarle singing, Morphagene playing a sample of a short Hyve synth drone, side chained against the snare. Whole mix running through Clouds, heavily modulated along with everything else by Cold Mac’s individual CV outputs.


The interface looks great and it sounds good, too! The simple beauty that folks are achieving with the norns screen is really amazing!


Just recently acquired a second Grid for pretty cheap. Pretty close to what can only be described as a dream set up.

Here one of them is connected to Norns running MLR, live sampling the Jazzmaster. I’ve also set up some meta sequencing for the eurorack with Ansible running Kria beforehand. The other Grid is connected to the computer running re:mix. The whole thing is based on samples of a earlier project where I just recorded a bunch of guitar stuff through Mutable Instruments’ Clouds and messed with the pitch control. So re:mix is basically loaded with different chunks of that.


Haven’t made much on guitar outside my band Postvorta for the past year and a half almost but for some reason last weekend, I decided to sit down and try to make something and this is what I came up with. All looping done in Live and I used the following pedals: EHX Soul Preacher, Digitech Whammy IV, BOSS OS-2, Danelectro FAB Distortion, Malekko Heavy Industry Scrutator, BOSS PQ-4, Ernie Ball Music Man Volume Pedal, Moog MF Delay, EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run, TC Electronic Hall of Fame


here’s a set I did at modular on the spot this past weekend in greensboro, nc. It was a really cool park, right in the middle of the downtown area surrounded by buildings.

sometimes when i have a just type patch set up i have to flick the mode switch on just friends for it to get going right, and I forgot to do that before bringing the sound in. so there isn’t really any decay and the notes seem to be randomly getting selected from the sequence I gave it. that being said it’s such a simple piece melodically that it wasn’t too bad of a fail hah


Wish I could’ve made it out to this! I’ll be at the next one, though. :slight_smile: Sounds great by the way @jlmitch5


thank you@giftculture


Thank you@barnjazz…


So after wondering about selling my eurorack and getting some good advice from @alanza and others I turned it all on tonight and followed my nose

Ton of eurorack in this plus still learning Push2 so Ableton drums as well


Robotboot “Biofluorescence” | Generative Video Art | Minimal Electronic Music

This is a generative video produced to my song Biofluorescence. The song and video where recorded separately. Both are one live take. This song is from a release that will be coming out in the future. It is an exploratory track with sounds inspired by: Floating in space with limited oxygen. As floating we first contemplate but then we accept and then we see the true beauty of what is the abyss that is open space. We float into places that humanity has never been, seeing things that are precise sparks of life. We then realize how un special we are and wonder why we do not embrace all the details that make us unique from each other. As we end our journey we come across a new form being created. it is some kind of tiny biofluorescence organism that seams to be reproducing at a rapid rate and are all vibrant colors of the rainbow. We now think how lucky we are to have seen the creation and how lucky we have always been.

The video was created with a feedback loop with lots of help from Tachyons+ Psychenizer. I messed around for a good hour trying to get something going and right before i gave up and fell asleep these patterns started generating.

Thanks for stopping by. Please ask me anything.


very cool! The vocal processing sounded really nice too! :pie:


its like not really making tracks on purpose just working around and recording whenever. trying to figure things out. On a side note, I might try to recreate the quBit chord inside the 301, or something.


The summer in Sweden has been so joyful. 25 degrees Celsius in the ocean this year compared to 10 the last summer says it all.
I’ll be back to work on Monday so I had to make a short little movie shot last week, an amazing day that repeated itself a few times over these nice, slow months surrounded by friends and family.
The song is my take of a great swedish band, a band that I’m about to collaborate with, called Small Feet.
(Blame the iPhone + Instagram for the crappy sound quality)


Started to sift through my set recordings from the July tour. Here’s one from Charleston, WV at my friends’ shop Kin Ship Goods.


Nice! What are you using to create the visuals?


Hi guys, relatively recent lurker around here. These are some things I have been working on using mostly pure data (both vanilla for audio and then the now ancient “extended” for visuals/gem, connected together through netsend/receive). I have found it really fruitful to limit myself to the minute long instagram limit, allowing me to eschew song structure for little morsels and audio-visual interaction experiments.


recording of live performance at Pro Arts Oakland on August 1st, 2018. very light edits, EQ & Dynamic adjustments. thanks to Horaflora, Foot SOS & Lea Bertucci for a great night.


Glad you like it and thanks for sharing. Visuals are made with awesome ETC by Critter & Guitari.


Sequencers and Synths: It’s not big. It’s not clever but lot’s of fun with everything creaking and groaning…