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scratch nerds might recognize this one


Here’s my latest evening jam.

A mix of sequencing from Marbles, and live playing from Pressure Points. I applied audio rate FM (mostly from Wogglebug) to pretty much everything in this (I’ve become a bit obsessed with noisey FM :smile: ).

I’m also quite pleased with the sounds I got out of Mangrove (comes in about 1:40). That module never ceases to amaze me :heart:


I was fortunate enough last month to get some time on a VCS3. This is the first piece I made from the recordings of that session:


latest Noise Study

Audio only


A gentle ambient piece of music for late summer - These are the Days of Sirius


Really Nice work @junklight

Perfect background music enjoying my mornin coffee.


A while ago I played a show in Berlin with my Little Eurorack system, the Digitone, K-Mix and a Count to 5 pedal. That gig is now on youtube on the channel ‘Lost & Found’, who filmed the whole 32 minutes.


Thank you :slight_smile:


just finished this track for a compilation on pattern abuse:



Short version: guitar -> Minidisc -> split into sections -> shuffle play (following the example of some of Hainbach’s recent videos):


what’s the reverb used/how is it setup at the start of this? feels like it’s “playing from the other room” in the best way!


Thank you!

The reverb is the room. It is an old brewery with six huge brewing coppers. They create the reverb. Besides some delay, the sound that is coming out of my gear is totally dry. Really crazy.

The venue is called ‘König Otto’ it is usually a cafe / diner but they do have events hosted by Hainbach. If you‘re in Berlin, make sure to check if there is a gig happening.

Anyways, the sound was recorded with mics and so it basically is 100% wet which makes it feel like it is coming from another room.


I had an idea and only 20 minutes to make it in. Good job Foulplay on Norns (rPi/Push 2 version here) and the Digitakt are so immediate

808 Day


from an A/V quad performance last night at the Portland Art Museum.


I had a show last week, so I took my favorite jams that I previously posted snippets of on Instagram and fleshed our full versions. I put all the tracks up on SoundCloud:

Also, here’s a patch I did in the early morning hours today (when my self-critical brain seems to be thankfully turned off):

Also wanted to say thanks for all the helpful information from the community. I’m relatively new here, and as an expat abroad in Taiwan, it’s been a great resource for making music, figuring out modules, and just getting positive vibes. Way too many people to thank individually, so just wanted to extend a big thanks to the community here :pray:t3:


@robotboot had posted a really cool video with a soundtrack from @Benjamin_Mauch a few months back for the videutopia series, which features long-form, slow-moving camera shots sometimes set to meditative, ambient soundtracks.

I sent some tracks I had been working and he ended up putting some footage together for one called ocean 2. I feel like the vibe I was going for with this one was really captured well! Excited to share it with y’all.

This track is a part of a cassette I’m releasing on September 28th called drones. If you’re interested in preordering that cassette, you can do that here. Thanks, this community is the best!


Loving this- nice work @jlmitch5 !


This was fantastic! Shame I couldn’t make it out that night…

Mind if I ask what those monitors are?


Your drone worked out great. I would love to build out more of the VideUtopia with soundtrack section.


I’ve just put out a 3 part ambient EP titled Rain Shadow. The songs are inspired by the feelings of dreaming and sit in an emotional space between wonderment, dread, and tranquility. Rain Shadow in particular was an attempt to create conflicting, but interdependent emotions by shifting context around sounds that remain the same. All three parts are single take recordings with separately recorded moments of noise between.

Sleeping Seeds is a single patch programmed and played on the DSI Mono Evolver. Rain Shadow and Foehn Wind both revolve around a feedback loop with a Boss DD-500 and modular. All the sounds on Rain Shadow come from various samples on a Digitakt. Most are just single cycle waveforms, but there are samples of mandolin, a DSI Mopho x4, and Mutable Instruments Elements. Foehn Wind used an altered version of the same basic feedback loop and the sounds come from a DSI Mopho x4.

I hope you enjoy!