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Thank you for sharing this.


I self-patched Marbles x1 to Steps so it would alternate between sliding and stepping, and used x2 to feed Rings V/OCT. (Rings automatically generates a note on a step, but not a slide.)

Then I made a sort of double-feedback patch with Warps, Rings, and spring reverb. The other Rings output went through my pedal chain. x3 and t2 and Stages drove a Double Helix patch. I added a manually controlled E370 drone through SpecOps.

I used Teletype as an expensive mute switch for the Marbles clock so I could pause the sequence at times :laughing: I’ve got a Ladik P-075 on the way for a much simpler option.


This is an improv using a custom unit patch I made for the er301 + w/


Trying to get creative despite my lack of rack space. Patch is deliberately simple as I was trying a new recording technique.

Clearly I messed up by not focusing the camera properly :woman_facepalming:


I have a new track out on the record label Modular 404 that heavily relied on Just Type- thanks everyone for the constant inspiration!


New sounds- Quanta, Ripplemaker, Rozeta, AUM, Discord4, Grind,Kosmonaut, apeFilter, AUFX Push, Amazing Noises Limiter, AltiSpace
Thanks for the Ears!


An audio journal of daily unprepared, time limited explorations—collected and split into three sequenced parts.

A change in direction and working in isolation at the moment so any comments good or bad from folks here would be greatly received. Thanks.


I took my studio to pieces (spring cleaning 6 years of detritus - ugh)

Can’t not make music though so just my modular for this one (on my nice clean desk).


quick audio from an improv session with cranes, code up on Norns: code review.

cranes is looping a very short delay buffer 1 with overdub, buffer 2 is playing buffer 1 back at 2x. momentary half-speed changes to buffer 1 while it’s recording make for bass + soprano counterpoint trills when the playhead passes again.


we need that album :slight_smile:


dope! :slight_smile:


Not me behind the drums, but it’s my little patch he plays to. Just Friends in Plume mode, Rings as the pads and Plaits being the drum n bass.


I ended up on an ambient compilation out of Macedonia. This track is built around very much sped up recordings of a beach in Croatia - they remind me of either humming humans or howling dogs. :slight_smile:



Out of tune piano jam recorded with my iphone using a Zoom iQ7 mic. The recording was then fed into Morphagene and Nebulae and run through various effects.


A short 128bpm techno jam.


Kind of a beat-up, shimmery, ambient piece.

Started life as a modular improvisation that I ditched and then processed past the point of recognition via (VCV Rack) Clouds, the Borderlands iOS app, and various Ableton devices.


One of those super quick patches that turned out to be pretty good, I think.
All in one take.

Analog four drives the eurorack setup.
Plaits is the drums and bass, Rings the “pads” and Just Friends in a sketchy, stressful Plume mode.


Recently DIY’ed an overhead arm for my tripod out of PVC. I hope to make more video like this of just raw sound exploration.