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here’s something recorded recently. i thought of it as an homage the the disintegration loops, replacing the meditative, relaxing feeling of those recordings with the anxiety and unevenness of the streaming age

Disintegration Streams 1


commodore 64 live sampled in to norns


Revisiting using E2 as a sequencer.


Here’s something for the ears. Field recordings and synth lines being fed into the high and low inputs of Sisters. Sisters’ outputs are then multed to channels of an Intellijel Quadratt to act as a mid-side to left-right converter. Modulating Sisters’ parameters makes for lots of interesting stereo effects where the low band is treated as the mid signal, and the high as the sides. Be sure to listen with headphones!


Playing around with teletype/just friends


After the trials and tribulations of getting my new (to me) grid to work I finally got to make some music this afternoon.

I’m really excited by the grids as a UI for electronic music - and here I am looping and building with both the push 2 and the monome grid


Hi modular lovers!

Here’s modular404 release #007:
Nordlys from Brussels made this ambient track in the shadow of the Atomium.
On the screenshot from modulargrid you can see the rack he used to make “The Boat”.
Have a look at Modular 404 to listen, and sign up to stay tuned!

Enjoy “The Boat” by Nordlys!



posted to bandcamp on a whim. hope you like it.


next full behind you tape coming out on onmyodo cassette. here’s the single for it only possible with my wifes help, crap-iphone !


I guess my most clubby track


I’ve been experimenting with Cranes by @Dan_Derks.


First recorded patch with the 6u. A little repetitive, but it’s a start!


woahhhhh. this clarifies some UI stuff, thank you! also, used in ways i’ve never tested. really cool session to watch. love those last thirty seconds especially. :revolving_hearts:


a new soundscape. first time to use a 4-tracker “live” with my modular synth and am quite happy with the routing possibilities in combination with a FieldKit…please enjoy:)


Sometimes you need to make music that expresses how you feel. This song was totally for me but I thought it might make some others feel better as it did I.


A little ambient track/experiment I made from a Dreadbox Erebus loop (first a sequence and then some other bits overdubbed on top). The only sound source was the Erebus.

I then added some automated primal tap for delay hold and pitch shift effects.

The noise and hiss is all from the Erebus’s crusty lofi delay.


Crusty in the best of ways!:+1:


Since I got my grid - Grainfields has been the app I’ve spent most time with…


Went exploring for some ambient soundscapes.


Another live stream