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just wanted to share a tune i made


Recent piece by my quartet
Listen to June 17 2018 No.3 by Figure From Ground #np on #SoundCloud

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love it, thanks



I just released a new album on my friend Nathan McGlothlin’s label The Harding Street Assembly Lab. It’s a collaboration between myself and Todd Webb (Oahu). The tracks were made by trading files back and forth- was interesting to hear the final product and not be able to distinguish the original recordings.


Love this! Cassette ordered.


Thanks so much @Claude! Was a really fun project for me.


First video with 6u :smile:


fun stuff to explore with!


Bit of a self-remix of a track off my last album, Everything Happens, For Some Reason. Pastoral wanderings built around phasing (as in Steve Reich, not psych rock heh). Very happy with the other folks’ remixes too, but are they my latest tracks? :thinking:

I really like using gated noisy field recordings as snares (as per end of track).


Grids grids grids.

Still exploring my new grid, still haven’t put my studio back together

This is using Mark Eats Sequencer with a 128 grid and push 2


Got a track (#8) featured on this beautiful compilation


someone just uploaded video for my ‘Cerrus - C9’ track:


A live improvised sound and Butoh performance by:

Patrick Neill Gundran: Guitar

Clifford Dunn: Flute, Electronics

Blake DeGraw: Saxophone, Slide Whistle

Kaoru Okumura: Butoh

Horridus: Blippoo Box

Live visuals: Citrus Sheila

The Chapel, Seattle WA, August 24th, 2018

Special thanks to: Adam Levitt, Caspar Sonnet

Live Sound: Clifford Dunn


Love that Tenori-on! Sounds super cool!


Another video with the double grid setup. Focusing on euro stuff and norns-mlr! Kind of wish I had recorded this a couple of hours later now that the update dropped, but oh well.


I’m slowly evolving to turn into that softer post rock person again. Everything goes in cycles.

This song is driven by Morphagene which is the ”drums”, together with a touch of Plaits. Rings is processed through Microverb II to get that overdriven guitar like sounds and a real guitar is going Godspeedy in the end.


I really like the mood in this one :slight_smile:


Thank you! I’ve been trying to find my way with this patch for a week or so and settled down with this version. I think it turned out to be quite nice.