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with no time to spare currently the obvious thing to get distracted by was putting the Meadowphysics Organelle external into an Orac module…

lots of fun mind you…


4th in my ongoing series of audiovisual things (works, pieces, explorations, droolings, what have you), “Vows”. this one is subtitled “So Tired”.


Made a soundscape/soundtrack/ambient-ish kind of track with @maxijazz last week. Sampled OP-1 through a mic, along with acoustic guitar, cello, and some metallic clicks. We octave shifted some of that, and processed parts through the modular. I love the extra bits of noise that were picked up from the room, and the sound of the OP-1’s keys clicking as they’re pressed.


Released a new single today :slight_smile:



Made this with glut this afternoon.


cross-post from JUST TYPE studies, two riffs on Just Type studies 4 and 6 from my recent vacation to the Adirondacks:

this one is based on JT study 6; chords are triggered by SQ-1 and manually.
the “guitar solo” is braids and dixie ii as a complex osc running through cold mac’s wicked crease circuit. pitch is coming from keystep.

recorded live to a tascam porta 03; it was all recorded together, i wish i could have lowered the level of the “solo” a bit. a little bit of editing reverb added in ableton – trust me, you don’t want the whole 8 minutes.

this one is based on JT study 4; notes triggered in groups by SQ-1. modulation from pam’s via cold mac.
also recorded live on the tascam, but I also played it into my audio interface through an old sony cassette dictaphone. as it turns out the dictaphone’s playback was just slightly slower than the tascam’s, so the tracks gradually get more and more out of phase.

i left the clicks of hitting the record button in the tracks (including a few times on accident while rewinding to past parts) – i feel like it puts me in the room a bit.


Pittsburgh Modular SV1
Korg Monologue
Zoom MS70-CDR x2
Recorded in Auria Pro
Master Record
Sequenced with a Beatstep Pro
Thanks for the ears!


Performed at an audio/visual event on Saturday night here in Melbourne, Australia. Modular set with some drums from Digitakt, processing from OTO BAM and Biscuit, and a delay pedal. The visuals were some of the minimal documentary footage I shot while at sea in the Southern Ocean, Antarctica, projection mapped seamlessly across three screens.

Track here:

Video snippet here:


an ep


New sounds
Pittsburgh Modular SV1
Tracked and mastered in Auria Pro- Pro Q, Pro-C, and Pro L
Thanks for the ears!


I’ve been listening and following people on this forum, and even if most music is different from mine (which is mainly atonal) I’ve been gathering knowledge and inspiration to put up an album of my own.

Those are snippets I’ve put out to gather feedback from other musicians and improve on my art. If you can tell me what you like or dislike, music or technique wise, I’d be honored :slight_smile:

Tks guys!


Drone and mallets
Pittsburgh Modular SV1
Korg Volca FM
Recorded and mastered in Auria Pro
Pro-q, Pro-c,and Pro-l
Dubstation 2
Master Record
Thanks for the ears!


an album. not really an album, but an album.

two songs about time. buggy max/msp improvisations gone wrong turned right through the editing process. hope u like it.


20 characters of brilliant


That was soooo intense. Thank you.


figuring my way around Kria in the dark - I so want this in Ableton & orac - looking at the source code and how to build Max externals…


oh man this is very good


fwiw, i’m really feeling this - had the bubbling, rubbery, glorious light leak on a loop earlier today.