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@jonatron + I visited Fairfax this past month to play on Aura Borealis, a public access showcase of weirder music in the northern virginia and surrounding area.

as far as outer heaven performances go this one’s a bit of a slow burn because I forgot a bunch of needed pedals and had to figure out what I was doing on the fly, haha. first time using my echophon for guitar live, which worked great!


I’m about to play live for the first time ever with this kind of setup.
This was a part of some kind of rehearsal that turned out to sound quite nice a little now and then. A bit too tricky to play guitar to if you ask me…


love this ++++++++++


i’d love kria to be available outside of modular

#2708 @lei

Thanks!! :bowing_man:
I have a full release almost finished, if you want to hear some more I have some tracks up on soundcloud. It’s from when they was still in work in progress. Some of of them won’t be on the finished ep/album (whatever it is). Critique/feedback is very welcome!


engineered, mixed and co-produced this with the band Mountain Man for their new record (which is very very good)


Yes it is. I hope they release it on tape :wink:


Delightful! What a discreet beauty that has


Here is an excerpt from a jam with a fellow eurorack enthusiast. I thought it came out pretty good!


Recorded these two bits over at @Tyresta’s place on Saturday using his setup. I used two Rings, René, Morphagene, Nebulæ, Batumi, Wogglebug, and Pam’s New Workout, with the WMD Performance Mixer on mixing and panning duties.

The Make Noise ones are the only ones I’ve had any hands-on time with prior to this (Wogglebug is the only one I currently own), so what you’ll hear is my first time with many of them after only a short time to learn where their sweet spots lie. I just patched a bunch of things together and let it play out with the occasional slight knob turn here and there.


Very simple first play with the count to5 pedal mode 3, but my cat likes it.


New live set up on my bandcamp this month. It goes noise–>arpeggios–>drone:

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New track from a new project. Juno 60, guitar, vocals.


You are Inuti!? Super cool to bump into you here. Played along side you (using the name M422) at Eter festival earlier this year :slight_smile:
Great sounds btw!


Haha, cool to bump into you here!
I think we’re on the same compilation that is going to be put out by Pattern Abuse as well? Really looking forward to that one.


oooooh those crackly tones around 15 mins are wonderful. also, not to be that guy, but i loved the racecar sounds in the opening noise section :wink:

also, last two minutes.

such great handling, across the whole piece. i would kill for some overhead video of any performance.


Thanks Dan!

I think I’ve done that exactly one time (for a workshop). Also, I think there’s footage of a different show on youtube, too, but you can’t see what I’m doing - only some cool visuals.



listen on headphones if possible! lots of stereo filter action happening here. some other notes:

recorded some wind chimes with a cassette dictaphone about a year ago
wind chimes -> mannequins w/ (slowed down) -> mannequins three sisters (modulated by PNW in stereo)
guitar and whistle doodles because i finally have enough space to have a mic stand set up in my apartment

thx for the ears:]


another saturday:
having so much fun with the touch cap modules