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been a tough day

all live; some automation and touch-ups in logic




Really beautiful stuff! Sounds very special.


What I really like about this :

  • the song
  • the production
  • the sound
  • the video

kudos to everyone involved !



Not my work, but figured it was too good not to share. Improvised vibraphone, drums and electronics performance by Masayoshi Fujita.


<3 everything about this one


the whole piece unfolds beautifully. excellent patience and dialogue with the material, kyle. wowowowow! the dictaphone warbles are :100:, as well.


20 chars of holy schnikes! That’s beautiful, and one of the best Against the Clock sessions I’ve seen. Thanks for sharing.


started a bandcamp, here’s something I recorded Friday, just a couple Sputnik and Random*Source Serge modules hanging out with the Dual Looping Delay, movements dictated by Winter Modular.


Another album this week. This one was put together from spontaneous recordings made while testing sampling applications & accidental laptop feedback loops.


wild as heck but impressively tamed


Some abstract orchestral colours with the modular

Make Noise mysteron sequenced via Meadowphysics and Rene, Roli Seaboard playing the DPO - lots of rich textures

(& expecting one or two inevitable youtube “thumbs down” because it gets a bit abstract and noisy in the middle :wink: )


watch this space - think I’ve figured it out but need some time next - which is harder to come by


I like this a lot, especially the timbers. There is something very appealing in the crisp sound of Makenoise instruments.


Thanks for listening :slight_smile:
Yea its def a little unwieldy, not sure if my editing it down so short helped or hindered haha


My first completed piece using my whole rig. It’s not perfect but I’m getting a lot closer to achieving some musical goals.


The fourth Starthief album is out now on Bandcamp, coming soon to streaming services.

Eurorack, Microbrute, a few software synths, lots of software FX, pedals, and in one case a janky microcassette recorder.


I don’t get too much free time to play with the modular lately, but had a bit of time last night to do some feedback patching. Rings and Three Sisters are really kings for feedback loops.


Just want to say, I love this thread. Hearing everyone’s work is really inspiring. Polished, in-progress, starting, experiments, all of it. Please keep 'em coming.


I love this, the looseness and double triggers start to feel structure (in a really cool way) after a while. I feel like you captured that with the cover art too.