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thank you thank you! i’m always happy when the magic comes out of the ether with the modular : - )


Finished my MA this week, so I’m in the midst of uploading documentation and the like and thought people here might be into it. Possibly more suited to the art thread, so maybe I’ll post it there too.

I’d never used Supercollider before this project, and I basically told myself that I had to learn it so I could get into sc stuff with norns when the MA finished, and just ended up having an incredible time exploring the environment and creating something I’m really proud of. Link to git repo with code in the vimeo description.


Hi everyone,

This is my first post on lines. Below is an excerpt of a track that I recorded recently. It’s part of a focus on arrhythmic beats and atonal bleeps with “arrhythmic” and “atonal” being somewhat loosely defined. I would enjoy any feedback or constructive criticism. Headphones or monitors are recommended to better experience the low end. This was recorded directly to cassette. The subtle hiss and distortion (from slightly driving the tape) is intentional.

Thank you!


Hi ! Welcome here :slight_smile:


been getting some really juicy percussive sounds by putting kick drum sounds through Three Sisters and modulating the cutoff rhythmically…here’s today’s


Accidently bought two cassette echos. First day with Norns! No one told me the synth engine would sound so good. Its been a good mail day.


Fucking incredible; everything about this work is stunning and nothing about it is pretentious or arbitrary (a rarity in the art world nowadays). I would love to see this IRL.


Accidentally …sure:wink: Sounds fantastic!


New release today, single+video piece from upcoming album:


this is really gorgeous


I’m not familiar with the Norns app you’re using there - is it one of the standard ones?


Used my 0 Coast to reach out to some extraterrestrial beings this evening.

I had rack mounted my 0 Coast ages ago, and then was a few HP short of keeping it in my skiff – I’m so happy it’s back out and free-floating; I had forgotten how inspiring and productive it was to treat it as a stand-alone instrument.


Latest from SM-LL.
LP recorded on an Analog Computer previously used for flight simulation and as a measurement tool at Willen-Twee synthesis studio in Holland.

Some bits about the release and the Analog Computer.


i’d like to see this featured in the next newsletter!
hypnotic and very well done


Reflecting on the foothills …


Took some time off of Dronecast, my weekly series of one hour drones, in order to get married. Having accomplished that, we return with Dronecast Thirteen:


That was beautifully soothing!



mlr + piano = film score


really love these textures. interested in sharing your process? perhaps an abstract representation of your process?