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I haven’t bothered to share my current ongoing project on this thread as it’s not really a “track” (or a video); I’m also not keen on spamming my work and self-promotion. THAT SAID, I like the most recent episode of my field recording podcast so much that I genuinely feel like people should hear it (also, this podcast is my main creative outlet right now so if was to ever share anything on this thread it’d be this so whatever). It’s 15m long, and features the sound of clumsy public announcements, naive free improvisation, a silly puppy, a waterwalk, stupid birds, and avian intimacy.

“Regular” version here:

“Sans-commentary” version (if you just want to hear the recordings and not me blabbing pretentiously) here:



<------ abstract





its actually just an electric guitar plugged into one of those usb 1/8th inch input adapters connected to a rpi3. it was recorded using this:
pure data 4track in loop mode.
since each layer or track is a different length they recombine in new ways.

in regards to the guitar itself its a fender squire strat with only the middle pickup and all the knobs: volume tones and switch removed.

in terms of the playing i used an altered tuning and placed a pen under the strings. sometimes the strings were played on the neck side which results in some of the more metallic type sounds. i also played the strings with different objects. but also the palm of my hand.

i guess some people call it prepared guitar or extended technique. i kind of like thinking about it as playing the guitar as if it were a drum or percussive instrument.

process-wise i had been working on that Pd patch and every once in a while i would try it out by playing & recording something.

so going back and forth between working with the “code” and then playing a bit of music.

p.s. i think the only “effects” were eq and panning per track and a limiter.

here are some recordings from a few days earlier spliced together
to give you an idea of the progression:



Just put this one up for free on Bandcamp. It’s all OP-1, and I made it all last week on my commute to work, on the subway. The starting point was last week’s Disquiet Junto assignment, and I just kept on rolling until I had 8 tracks that I could trim down to 5.



Here’s some smartphone footage of my set this past Monday at the weekly experimental/outsider music series Me Mer Mo Mondays here in Austin, Texas. Since this is just Facebook Live footage, the audio is, of course, not the best (the intensity of the bass frequencies, for example, isn’t captured), but the general vibe is there.

I was a little nervous going into the set because the great Bill Nace, of Open Mouth Records and Body/Head, played an incredible set just before me.

//// pictures ////

i like the minimalness of it.


thanks :slight_smile:


wednesday synths


This is a record of modular music I recorded during a week between two jobs. I’ve been sitting on it for a month or two, unsure of what to do with it.

It’s all very much of a piece, repetitive and ambient

I would really appreciate any feedback


@grs and I playing a recent live set.
Peep the heavy use of Kria :sunglasses:


not exactly a recent video… but facebook reminded me that today is the two year anniversary of my plunge into modular. in retrospect, this first little system i put together around clouds wasn’t a terrible place to start.



here’s a 25 minute track from my film scoring project to enjoy with your morning coffee :slight_smile:

Heres a short (8min) video treatment from a recent trip to Denver if you’re just waking up now :cloud:


dunno what it is about flin but it works for me :slight_smile:


Proudly releasing the Classical Music for Noble Insects!!

A synthesis only piece centered around the principles of classical music, harmonic and dynamic, transported to the vast possibilities of synthesized sound. Fast oscillations and deep movements start to produce timbres from the insect world.

EDIT: I’ll leave some codes here to download it for free folks. Feel free to sample and mangle!

6457-g3tc | us7v-3xux | ljlr-xqeq | 49s5-etrt | q24b-u2h7 | gxpl-ehq5 | 7mwe-ulgd


i really need to figure out how to get better audio recordings on my phone.


Years ago I had an online “studio sketchbook” - mostly experimental film/video sketches - called Temporalab. I’m launching “Temporalab II” soon, which will have audio and text as well. The audio will usually be in the form of “lab reports” from longer, usually improvisational sessions.
And that’s what this is. This one is noisy and droney and sent me into a specific sort of interior space, hopefully it might do something like that for a listener or two…
I’m something of a perfectionist and a formalist as well so sharing this sort of thing is uncomfortable, but my perfectionism has gotten so bad that I’ve gone from releasing work regularly to, for the last 3-4 years, not at all. So it’s also self-medication in a way.


Some dirty electronic blues for MLR & geoshred


Music for Organ- 3 voices in polyrhythmic interplay- Moog Model 15- Thanks for the ears!


Music for Mallets- Melodic minimalism with tape delay. Moog Model 15- FieldScaper- Thanks for the ears!


me and my friend SF behind the controls.
death industrial vibez.