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this one is from over a year ago. multi-tracked acoustic folk jams with field recordings from my favorite part of chicago. played like 7 different instruments and none of them well. maybe still my best thing.


Music for Insomnia- Moog Model 15- SoundScaper
Thanks for the ears!


new k-blamo today!


powerful stuff. thanks


Really excited with how this improv turned out. Warning though the middle get’s pretty loud.


Last Saturday I was doing an improvisation in a small village in Lower Saxony, Germany. 12 visitors, 2 left during the concerts, all were older than I am (plan to turn 50 next year). After the music all gathered around the instrument and asked questions and shared what the music evoked in them. That was really, really great feedback.

Unfortunately, the recording turned out to be mono only, but the autumnal vibe is still there. So, if you have 45 min to spare, thank you & enjoy!


Some exploration with a Marantz CP430. I’m making some sort of feedback loop with it by running the main outs of my soundcard to its input, then outputting what I’m recording back into the soundcard. The cassette will then always record itself. I’ve placed a Echo device on the track that record the Marantz, with 0% feedback, 100% wet and 2.5 ms delay - just to delay the input from being played back. I control the feedback amount by adjusting the rec volume input on the Marantz.

Not a tape echo per se, but it does add some character when the input level is getting overdriven. Just got myself a PMD201 as well, which is mono, but the same principle works pretty well. Super keen on some real reel stuff now…


Here’s a video I took yesterday, of my Clouds grabbing bits of guitar feedback and spreading them around. A hacked Monotron Delay is doing a lot of the work here, helped by a Doboz TSNM and a Cold Mac.


that’s ace - really enjoyed it


hi all. wanted to first preface by saying my name is not emma. it’s andres. emma was a friend whom i had great affection for and an old chapter of my life. sadly i tend to be woefully inept at solid interaction and as a strong advocate for privacy, tend to close doors rather than reach out.

subsequent to some personal strife, i’m learning to feel more comfortable sitting with other people’s pain, especially in art, and letting personal work be heard. below is a tune i wrote. think it came out alright.

and shout out to anyone who supports or does independent and/or underground music, including all of you on the forum. you make me want to keep going with it.



A recent Krell-Like long stem from my film scoring project for your enjoyment!


I’ll start by saying: despite hovering around this forum for a while, I’m still not sure what the protocol is for posting your own music! So, if this is a faux-pas, please let me know and I’ll get rid of this thread. (Thanks, mods, for putting this in the right spot!)

Anyhow. This is something I made a couple of years ago, in a bid for distraction and as a kind of therapy to help me get through the illness, and then death, of a loved one. I had meant to put it out there earlier, but coming back to it was hard – I didn’t particularly want to revisit those times. Now, it doesn’t seem I have a choice; a similar situation is playing out again in my life. It seemed a good time to come back to this project.

Not that the backstory is all-important! I’m proud of the two tracks independent of this narrative, and thought that maybe some of you would like them, too. Thanks for listening!


tomorrow (friday) bandcamp is donating thier profits to the Voting Rights Project to protect voting rights for disenfranchised people in the U.S. I’ll be donating my profits as well, consider putting some money through for one of my albums or someone else’s ~

this week i’ve got 0.5x, four glitched-out PSS-170 improvs which were pitched to 50% post-recording. noticeably more bleeps in this one than my usual fare so I think you all will like it.


feeling this one (…)


Twenty characters of thank you!


Here’s some of my audio and visual by Kenaim


I really resonate with this track!! Great work. Thanks for sharing! All the best from the other side of the sea!


Hey, thank you so much!! That means a lot.


Got the Benjolin out again, messing around with FSRs and chaotic patching.


I’m excited to release my second album of ambient synth music today! This one focuses on long form droning sounds created over the course of the past couple years with my modular synth, and then spliced together on the computer.

As always, thanks to this community for all the support and inspiration!