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Added some new features to my Monome sequencer for Beard-o-Bees. Live keyboard looping, new system for accents, live drum rolls.


Stoked to listen @jlmitch5! Wish we could’ve played a show at the last MOTS, but I will hopefully be down again for a future event!


Same! Saw some pictures and videos on instagram, looked like a great time. Ended up attending a wedding reception that evening, so couldn’t make it out


Gotcha! Yeah was a great night- let’s plan on meeting up at one in the future!


Thank you for posting this !
I really like the first track.


I’ve never seen strictly come dancing but ballrooms make me think of Hookland & M John Harrison short stories and ghosts…

featuring Norns and foulplay with samples from the fantastic Spitfire Union Chapel Organ library


I’ve got a show coming up this Thursday (11/4), so after exploring for a while, I settled on a patch and went to work. These three were basically all the same patch (with some variations of tempo, modulation, and muting):

If you happen to be in Taipei this week, come on out to Ivy Palace Thursday night (11/4) for some modular fun and DJs.

As always, thanks to the community here for the knowledge, laughs, and inspiration. I dip in and out, and it’s always a rewarding experience when I carve out a little time to see what’s happening on Lines :+1:t3:


Lovely moods and tones, abstract synths combined well with field recordings. It would pair nicely with visuals, or in an installation. Enjoyable little EP :slight_smile:


I realized that whenever I start a patch I always steer towards harsher, more dark-sounding drones. This feels like the same kind of thing as when I compose music for piano – why do I always write music in minor keys? Here’s me trying to do the opposite! Hooray!


Ugghhh. This is so good. I keep telling myself, “no, it’s fine having a five- or six-module setup. What am I really missing out on?” What I’m missing out on is this kind of complexity. This is just so sonically dense. Damn.


Here’s the first video from my new EP, Cells.


@zuliani thanks. The first vid had a bunch of modules going, but the second and third had like 5 or 6 going. I played a few shows out live, and learned that if I want to keep the case under 6U (plus a few externals), play for longer than 15 minutes, and still allow me to go on a modular journey and keep it engaging, I needed to build a bunch of small patches across multiple modules so I could transition/layer them and keep things moving. I also am not an analog purist, and some digital modules can do great things without needing 10 other modules. I thought the “Metal Strings” piece you’ve got up on YouTube is so great. Drone on, my friend :metal:t3:


I was really enjoying the brittle, unstable lead that I stumbled across yesterday :smile:


Dramatic, cinematic, psychedelic sounding modular piece that I composed, recorded and lost all while trying to get something together for a live performance. I just couldn’t re-create this vibe after changing a few things, even though it was the same patch.


Finishing some songs for a release next year — made a few short videos using some stock footage.


Just released a new album, volume 1 of a 3 part series.


New live set up on my bandcamp for October:


Here’s a section of a musical project I finally got around to finishing and putting up, set to some footage I took on my phone from last night’s train ride from Manhattan back upstate.

(You can listen to / buy a digital copy of the album @ )


This is outstanding - thank you for sharing it! I’m looking forward to parts 2 and 3.


Thanks Bob, they’re coming in November and December :slight_smile: