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sunday shit.


My design colleague and I just made a video of some of our experiments with the hurdy gurdy MIDI system I’ve been working on for the past year. No full “tracks” per se, but perhaps interesting for people interested in hybrid electro-acoustic instruments.


A peaceful idea.


Lots of Monome goodness in this one: Norns/MPE/Seaboard on lead and Ansible/Kria and my Eurorack providing the backing

curious rhythms & dark strings


This is so great. Thank you!


The latest in my scoring effort. Playing with delay and logarithmic rise.


Thanks a lot, thats one of my favorite songs I’ve made this year. I check out that ep!

@barnjazz it was a ton of fun!! i think it came out really well. the music wasn’t made especially for the video but i think it all fits and gives it a nice aesthetic


Thank you, lumena! I have been inspired by the Francis Preve scapes, too, his sound design is great! I appreciate the kind words and support!

Software synthesis is awesome! I’m definitely not a purist - I have a large modular because I enjoy the flexibility, but I also use plenty of software synths as well, they are very capable! I would love to hear your guitar reactions to this audio! Do you have a soundcloud/bandcamp?


Robotboot “Olympic National Park Forest Floor” | Visual Ambient Electronic Music

I went on a magical trip to the Olympic National Park in 2018 from September 21st to October 1st. I took my camera and zoom recorder and managed to grab this video and audio. I then scored a song to a bit of a sped up version of the video. I was taken back by the tall trees and the forest floor with the sun rays coming through. Just an hour before we wear at the destination of out hike Mink Lake and saw a black bear and decided to leave early. Turns out we lucked out and got to enjoy this beautiful view.


this is really fantastic


So this is my new album. You can pre-order it and listen to a couple of tracks just here:

If anyone writes for a blog or anything and wants a preview copy, just holla.


here my lastest work, hope u enjoy

"From the album Art Has No Diplomacy
under license CC 2017

Electronic music/video producer and composer.
Dark Ambient Cinematic atmospheres from Sardinia.

From the acid and dusty factories of the electronic underground, through the devastated and pure immaculated nature of Sardinia, an explosion of anger and melancholy darkness transforms electronics into a cinematic orchestra.
mebitek, the manufactured eXPerience

“On the second night after the creation of my God, a
vision made known to me that I had reached the underworld.”
Carl Gustav Jung

written and directed by mebitek & Serena Pilloni
Serena Pilloni
produced by e
art director mebitek & Serena Pilloni
thanks to:
Antonello Vacca, Nicola Melis, Viola Quida, Simone Atzei, Daniele Porta, Paola Pilloni, Carlo Porta, Matteo Pia, Attilio Sanna, Federico Ariu

support mebitek on

info & contacts: -"


There’s so much great stuff here… what a productive forum!

I’ll throw my latest release into the mix:

This was recorded in August while at a two-week stint at the Lazuli Residency in Vermont.

I lugged my rack, some small korg buddies, effects pedals, a small mixer, and some recording equipment out there, set up in the barn, and worked on a song a day (taking breaks on weekends). I would finish composing a piece and then improvise a performance, recording stereo into a tascam dp-008ex. Track 11 is the only one with overdubs, using the kaossilator to “solo” on top of the second half of the composition. Everything else was recorded live, usually on the first take. (The field recordings were futzed with after I had gotten home, but were all recorded on the property.) I had extremely limited experience using modular synthesis prior to the residency, but a lifetime of playing music, so I wanted to use the residency as an opportunity to just dive into this world, and spend each day in deep concentration on a piece, and then pull out the cables and start over the next day. It was satisfying to not be too precious about what I was making, and instead just trusting each moment and decision. To have that much free time dedicated to music making was a really, really lucky experience for me.

I didn’t take patch notes, but here’s a photo of the rack I used, and a bonus shot of the incredible barn workspace I was in with a view overlooking the 120+ acres of Vermont countryside.

Another nice thing that happened at the residency was the fiber artist Lauren Sinner was working in the barn alongside me, creating an incredible quilt made from natural dye scraps. We accidentally collaborated, and her quilt is such a nice visual representation of the music on the album. Her piece can be seen here:


playing with @lazzarello’s new FM7 synth and one thing led to another…


Continuing to score for the film. Here is the 12th track in a series of 20 before I begin working directly with the sound against the film in editing. I’m starting to get a bit sad thinking that all of these long form recordings will get cut down to a few seconds or minutes. Perhaps I’ll release them all as a set in long form when it’s all complete!


a duet I recorded with a friend this summer. There’s a little distortion, because it somehow got recorded at 32kHz and had to be resampled to upload.

norns [glut] + blofeld


An attempt to use a plumbutter in a ‘song’, I guess. Also a regular drum machine, a digitone, and a boatload of effects pedals, because that’s what I do now.


Something a bit different from my usual stuff - some more straight forward ambience


Been a creative weekend - the music has just been flowing

This is a “Hookland” piece (& if you don’t know what Hookland is and you like the oddness of England in the 70’s search for @hooklandguide on twitter - a fantastic creative playground)

Norns MLR with samples from this fantastic Ableton pack (I’m not really a fan of packs but that one appealed - my love of Eastern European animation I guess :wink: ) and other things made for other Hookland tracks & Ableton Wavetable - which is just ace.


two songs made with an upright piano, yamaha toy keyboard, and the grid app I’m coming out with (hopefully) soon