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Nice intersections of skating sounds naturally melding with the noise and other sequencing you’re doing. I love skate boards … one of the few things that have made my life good no matter what. My first real skate experience was a bonzai board, sharp and dangerous to AC/DC on head phones 1979. So much the same now :>)


this is so good. makes me want the magneto and 301 more


Hey thanks! I don’t know where this direction of music going, def feel like i’m on the way somewhere but not there yet. :slight_smile :slight_smile:

I really like the 301, something clicks for me there and routing inside the machine matches pretty closely to what I’m comfortable with in terms of ‘work vs reward’ for menu diving and learning, to get a custom setup that I can play. That seems to be the critical issue that decides if i’ll use a module/device long term or not.

I def won’t ever program in LUA, or even go so far as to make the complex routings and sequencers people have made, but for simple things like taking in all the expression modules and putting them to work in cool different ways, I love it. Usually I start from scratch on the 301 with every track and build up something inside while I go. ymmv!


Isn’tses live at Fort Process festival recently:


Beside my rather elegiac solo work I’m also a member of the “Kreisferkeer Flaake”, where we do improvised, more rhythm-oriented music. In May this year we had the opportunity to play at the Superbooth in Berlin, Germany, and today the video went online, hope you’ll enojy it:


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for my niece after a weird + heartbreaking month


did this quickly, but i’m glad it came out mostly right



Some more synthesizer utopia 4 ya. Employing a patch based around 2 STO’s, some pedals, OP1 and G2.


Here we go! New track, an experiment using harmonics relative to the fibonacci series and phase modulation of 18 sine oscillators that became the core of ambient techno with IDM flavors :slight_smile:

Also, I’m so happy to find my album side by side with Emily’s on someone’s collection that I had to share.

Its so nice to see music coming from lines’ members reaching out.


learning how to use Pam’s NEW workout… it finally sort of ‘clicked’ tonight. just a dumb, monotonous beat - found a used Ataraxic Translatron–it took me days to figure out how to use it in combination with an EG and a VCA (total n00b) … i started out with a Happy Ending Kit, looking to make ‘thick’, animated drones with “fat” analog voices, and i’ve ended up pining for dirty sorts of digital percussion (NE) and various FM/PM detritus.


The track comes with a video as well :slight_smile:


hello here are a few tracks i added to my soundcloud within the past few months. these tracks are much different from the record that i have coming out on patient sounds early next year, however i am proud of them! here are the links:

and here is a recording of mots san diego


A live recording of a short improvisation I did at an event last week. I built this setup inspired partly by @mlogger’s abuse of Foulplay on Norns.


@robotboot The forest video you posted is superb. Somehow I wasn’t subscribed to your channel, but that’s fixed now. :slight_smile:

@andrew Your pianos (3) pieces are very pretty. I’ve been trying to convince myself to be brave enough to explore the sort of understated, minimal composition and aesthetic that you’ve done so well here. :slight_smile:


:pray: thank you ! I’d recommend listening to @n-So’s recent album too. and yes, I think you should explore it


some crusty ambience


Today I released a new album of my music: Electrons and Void.

Listen here:

Or read more:


Dreary ambient track with some organ-like tones. I’ve been having fun turning field recordings and synth improvisations into pads with the M4L Granulator device lately.


Name that monome firmware? Also put the Volca FM through a LPF and called it a day.