Latest tracks + videos



A teaser of a track on my upcoming album… tape production has been taking much longer than expected :sweat: been wanting to share with people though. All the animation and 3d modeling I did also, it could probably use a bit of polish haha. thanks for taking a peek!


Live set from last week. I played guitar, live sampled a cassette and a cassette loop, and made drones all through my big eurorack case and Dennis played a smattering of Elektron devices.


I’ve been pretty happy with burbling rumbles coming out of my machine lately:


Improvised piece I made, sequenced with Marbles and a Klasmata/Tirana combo. Trying to get more comfortable with my setup so it feels intuitive and more like a single instrument.


I just started to incorporate extended tape loops into my music. This is the first thing I’ve done with them:


This is my latest record - The Thin Place - which made Bandcamp’s list of essential releases for the week. This was very validating!

This particular EP was Cirklon driving Roland System 100, MT-32, Odyssey, 0-Coast, and some effects.


I played my second solo live techno set last weekend… I play with some of the Elektron machines and mostly stick to playing with mutes and some macro-controls that I prepared beforehand.
I feel like in live-situations I lose all my creativity/brain power to modify synth parameters/etc. any further… how do you deal with this? Does it get better with practice?



This is … very good. If you get better with practice then we’d all better watch out :wink:


my album for this week - more piano and toy keyboard mlr doodles


Recently i’ve been trying to focus more on getting more human triggered events going on in my patch studies (with Rene ^_^) so that I can play them more


Thank you! I feel flattered :wink:


Nice set! Sounds great.

I don’t perform live, so this is just me being curious as well, but your comment on having trouble thinking through live situations reminds me of how athletes often exaggerate techniques, or over-compensate for things when training. Like how a baseball player might practice swinging with a heavier bat, or certain martial arts styles will train with a wider stance than needed, to compensate for the body’s tendency to tighten up in a dangerous situation. I wonder if practicing your sets at a higher tempo would help get you used to reacting quickly, and then when things feel like they’re moving quicker than normal in a live situation you might be better able to make more complicated changes?


Here’s a video I made yesterday, inspired by the doubly ambient videos of ann annie. It’s like a “modular field trip,” but in my own home. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how new spaces change the kind of sounds I make in them; I’ve recently moved from Brooklyn to upstate in the Hudson Valley, and our home here is generative of an entirely different soundscape.

More to come! I’m especially excited to track the changes in “room feel” as the seasons shift, and the light changes.


@zuliani Great tracks! Really diggin the atmospheric video work also. What’s your setup? I cannot clearly see what modules you got except for the 0-coast. What’s doinge sequencing?


For those of you who enjoyed the first two Carry The Martyr tracks, a third just appeared on bandcamp, inventively named 0003.


Short piece on the fantastisc OP-1 from Teenage Engineering. Obviously inspired by Boards of Canada.


This three parts piece is called Lemmikloomade Varjupaik


I have following this community for a very long time but have never participated in forums or submitted to Disquiet Junto Project.

I have been making collage/ambient/noise music for 30+ years but in the last two years have focused primarily on a project called Oregarus vs. Asparagor with a friend. We are currently finishing up on at least 4 releases on lathe cuts and tapes that should launch on Bandcamp before the year is over or at the beginning of 2019.

Unfortunately, the small label that we are working on has asked us not post the titles to Bandcamp until the physical releases become available so I cannot share OvA tracks.

I can however share a noise track I released in February that may see a 12" release on stereo lathe cut in a small addition with an additional track that is finished but has not been mixed/mastered as my favorite collaborator has been touring since March with only a few days off here and there.

I really would love to hear an opinion or criticism from any of you that would care to listen.

Landscape Stereo Field & delay pedals.

Oregarus “Echo Tether”


Bloom (Sway - solo)

Here is some audio from my latest solo performance on solo bass and electronics. I used my Sway script and engine running on monome norns. What a joy to do an electroacoustic performance with such a simple setup. Mic->mic-pre->norns->PA


Really liked that :+1:— with all the opz talk, its a good reminder of how fantastic the op1 can be!