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Short piece on the fantastisc OP-1 from Teenage Engineering. Obviously inspired by Boards of Canada.


This three parts piece is called Lemmikloomade Varjupaik


I have following this community for a very long time but have never participated in forums or submitted to Disquiet Junto Project.

I have been making collage/ambient/noise music for 30+ years but in the last two years have focused primarily on a project called Oregarus vs. Asparagor with a friend. We are currently finishing up on at least 4 releases on lathe cuts and tapes that should launch on Bandcamp before the year is over or at the beginning of 2019.

Unfortunately, the small label that we are working on has asked us not post the titles to Bandcamp until the physical releases become available so I cannot share OvA tracks.

I can however share a noise track I released in February that may see a 12" release on stereo lathe cut in a small addition with an additional track that is finished but has not been mixed/mastered as my favorite collaborator has been touring since March with only a few days off here and there.

I really would love to hear an opinion or criticism from any of you that would care to listen.

Landscape Stereo Field & delay pedals.

Oregarus “Echo Tether”


Bloom (Sway - solo)

Here is some audio from my latest solo performance on solo bass and electronics. I used my Sway script and engine running on monome norns. What a joy to do an electroacoustic performance with such a simple setup. Mic->mic-pre->norns->PA


Really liked that :+1:— with all the opz talk, its a good reminder of how fantastic the op1 can be!


Thanks! I’m gassing for the Z, but at the same time there’s so much left to discover on the OP-1.


some new music - been a long (& rather crappy in places) week so took the afternoon to escape into some music.

Norns/Seaboard/MPE taking the lead
Meadowphysics and lots of Make Noise modular on rhythms
Arturia Solina for a dash of '70s berlin school nostalgia


Singing bowls! A plumbutter! Cassettes playing stuff made in Quanta and on a Micromonsta! A bunch of effects pedals! A clicking cassette motor! Occasional camera jiggles from the performer!


Been recently using my norns with tape loops. Had a lot of fun making a little environment with the script Loom. My cat joined me in this one as well haha!


Hey, thanks! It’s a pretty simple patch— Phonogene doing some microsound, with the End of Splice pulse clocking a Doboz TSNM at audio rates, and the latter triggering grains in Clouds.


second installment of ‘found footage’, an ongoing project involving found super8 footage, feedback --> rings, and gestural patches.


god the sounds on these are so beautiful n expressive and the visuals are a huge mood. I hope there are longer versions of this that exist somewhere someday


I’m on week two of having a Phonogene, and I’m still just walking around my house plugging whatever sound source I can into it and then jumping up and down and clapping my hands. Here is the organ sound on my Yamaha piano providing a background loop and some stuff over top of it – love using the SoS dial as a volume pedal.


explorations with norns mlr. I’m having a lot of fun with multiple tracks recording/playing on the same clip. It can create some really interesting multi-tap/octave delay lines. going into mlr is electric guitar brought up to level with RIP and then ran through MI rings and warps to change the timbre and brought into norns mlr. two tracks of this are combined together and processed further through pedals and ableton devices.


This is part of a longer project that will conclude with a few live performances + maybe live versions of the various compositions. I’d consider what I’ve been posting as the first iterations of a creative process. Glad you like!!! I’m working on nailing down a gallery space here in Detroit and I’d love to do a version in Chicago if y’all would have me.


This is a recording of an improv while rehearsing for some recent shows. Modular recorded straight to stereo with some EQ and compression added after. All sounds from Mannequins and Mobenthey modules except for a decayed Hyve sample looping on w/. This is one of a number of these recordings and there is a theme throughout (and more to come) - I’d like to get the time to collate them into a larger release.

EDIT: almost all sounds pass through a triple looper patch created on ER 301


cooked up something spooky last night, it’s a fairly dense white/purple/blue/red noise wind thing and a simple sine sequence. this is a one-take sketch i’m probably going to come back to; i have some ideas for additional parts but i also like it as it is. i’m trying to get in the habit of annotating my patches so i can recreate them at least somewhat faithfully in the future - for anyone who’s interested, here are my notes:


I’m pretty new here so I haven’t had time to fully peruse this thread and give feedback but I have gone through and given a few likes to stuff that caught my interest.

Anyway, this is a track from one of my favorite EPs I’ve made. If you like it, all of my music is available for free on Bandcamp.


This is such a good idea – I really struggle with wholly accepting the ephemerality of a patch. I never feel like I get enough out of them before I take them apart, but I’m not always in the mood to record ~1hr of a patch or however much is enough to mine it for material later.

I think that part of learning modular is “patch memory,” but damn, having an annotation system seems much less stressful. Thank you!


Tis the season.
2 Erotic horror soundtracks to get your sexy halloween jams on.