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New music video :smiley:


Isn’tses and Cementimental halloween releases:

the closest we get to dark ambient:

ultra-minimal spooky noise wall:


Played back a tape containing an old demo at too high a speed on accident, but was delighted with what I heard.


I know this partial blackout/stage-fright feeling all to well. Found two things that helped me:

  1. Have a small paper at hand listing a small number of keywords for possible patches/parameter changes. In case of a blackout, reading any of the keywords gets me back on track.
  2. Remind yourself you have the freedom to do anything. This can become a keyword on said paper as well.

I use (1) since last year, and learned about (2) last weekend, where I played at a small venue with 5 other acts, and as the evening progressed, the timetable became more and more messed up, so I ended up having to play in front of the stage while one band was tearing down their setup on stage, followed by the next band settting up their stuff – and neither of them were doing it exactly quietly. At first I felt rather uncomfortable, but all of a sudden I realized “this is disturbing already, so I can’t make it any worse, so I am free to play whatever I want” – and played one of my shorter but more emotional sets so far.


Did another short track on the OP-1. Added a kaleidoscope effect because I wasn’t pleased with my initial video. Turned out to suit the mood of the track quite well.

Contains samples of a movie I think we’ve all seen.


another entry in my series of audiovisual doodles! crt video feedback, some snippets of my favorite movie, video taken at home with a large crystal paperweight, etc.

audio is interesting because it’s the first time I used my euro system in a fairly linear way! grains saw oscillator into filter and then god knows how many effects. there’s a track of me running some field recordings through the same filter + my patchblocks module running as a tremolo as well.


Not sure what category this belongs in…

I’d like to listen to recordings by artists who are specifically using Monome and/or Mannequins. I use Apple Music so availability there is helpful but not mandatory.

I know about and totally love Nathan Moody’s Blue Box record. Hoping to find more examples…



Check out wonderful Mount Vision by @stripes


I have been collecting some one-off experiments with various norns apps in this playlist on SoundCloud if you are interested. The descriptions have patch notes that talk a little about how the apps are being used and the rest of the signal flow.


Here’s a few beautiful releases from members of this forum in case you’re not aware of them:

I’d also love to find more, so I’ll follow the thread with interest.


A few new ones. Although, I had a moment with Rings + Radio Music last night which has got me totally re-thinking this project. The tracks in this scoring project might just become a little more site/picture/environment-specific!


Thanks, I’m already enjoying it a lot! Excellent that she is a lines member!


Hey thanks, I’m streaming The February Thaw from Bandcamp… Very cool !


Another video of using reverb to make ambient music. Three cassette decks! Field kit. Plumbutter that’s only doing like one thing!


Walking into a more consistent voice in between idm, downtempo and techno. Also, damn juicy analogue distortion sounds on the kick drum made me very happy :astonished:


Sounds like an Express Rising track.


A little sketch from this morning.


That sounds like a pretty good idea and makes me question myself a bit why I did not think about it beforehand :smiley:
It seems like pen and paper seem also quite good companions to keep aside while jamming/practicing to write down said keywords

This is true! Since I play techno my only constraint is probably to keep the 4/4 kick going to not accidentally snap the audience out of their hypnosis :wink:


Thank you for sharing this - this is a great backing track to the work on my thesis… and to procrastinate on lines.


A live album from Naviar Haiku Fest in London earlier in October is now up on Bandcamp as free download. Performances by @AudioObscura, @ikjoyce, @halF_unusuaL, Simon McCorry and myself. Enjoy!