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super excited to have a mobile power source now! here’s a piece from yesterday’s adventure:


Something I did this morning with Glut on norns when I should have been working.


:fallen_leaf: autumn :maple_leaf: sounds


Hey all, a new series of videos from our studio, hope some of you like it!

:rainbow: . with love from the southeast of nowhere . :rainbow:

Nguyễn + Transitory
sound postcards 03.11.18
chiang mai

listen more:
see more:


wow, great atmosphere… would like to know more about the patch. What’s the teletype and the w/ doing? cheers!


I’ve been a little overly busy the last few weeks, releasing CELLS. Here it is in full, but is also on apple / spotify / amazon / google play / all other corporate sites as well:

I’ve also got another Carry The Martyr track live, just here:

And in true Lines Community style, I’ve had music released on a ridiculous format; the Game Boy Cartridge. (via my other, other pseudonym donotrunwithpixels). It’s only available as a file at the moment, but they’re taking orders on the actual carts:


Hey! I just dropped a new ambient EP. Digital only with free (name your price) downloads for the first week. Hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:


thanks for listening!

in this patch, i’m pretty sure teletype is just doing 2 things: generating slewed random voltages, and i’m using grid ops to play just friends in a way similar to earthsea.

one w/ is just playing back a reversed loop i made just before recording of some glassier/bell timbres from elements. thats what you hear at the beginning of the video.

the 2nd w/ is recording the output of just friends through the mmg. i love layering simple lines over each other sound on sound style, and creating these huge masses of sound


So the second w/ is used as a looping delay?


essentially yeah, just without the repeats fading away. in my mind at least, the delay time / loop length is long enough that i don’t really think of it as a delay effect, and it’s more of a compositional element like a solo guitarist using a loop pedal to build up layers of parts.


Man this is beautiful! You are always putting out great stuff


I made a racket at my local Electronic Music Open Mic night here in Manchester.

Quick 10 minute set with modular and Synthstrom Deluge…

Had a lot of fun and learnt a lot too (use less fx).


Thank you so much, glad you enjoy the EP.


using organelle with monome control to asynchronously loop 0-coast tones.


Performed at a lovely little lounge here in Chicago. Teletype Grid/ops running the show, along with Ansible x 2, Telex modules (one track features them in oscillator mode!) and ER301 via the bus. I’m using Norns MLR to create looped material for the transitions.

Highlight clip:

Full Hour:



this is awesome, thanks for posting! so great seeing it used live.
really enjoying the set too!


New track, new video, soon album:


this is so good! sorry i couldn’t make it!


today i released a 5 track ep. it’s called “a pattern emerges” and you can find it here:

edit: a pattern emerges should be on spotify/itunes later this week, you can find it there! thanks for listening

it was recorded on my modular, each track was made in a single take. if you purchase it, there is a painting to accompany each track! hope you enjoy it!


backing this release @zanderraymond has the bee’s knees