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this is awesome, thanks for posting! so great seeing it used live.
really enjoying the set too!


New track, new video, soon album:


this is so good! sorry i couldn’t make it!


today i released a 5 track ep. it’s called “a pattern emerges” and you can find it here:

it was recorded on my modular, each track was made in a single take. if you purchase it, there is a painting to accompany each track! hope you enjoy it!


backing this release @zanderraymond has the bee’s knees


thirded. @zanderraymond is a wonderful human and fantastic artist.


Trying out some more guitar:


Here is a video for the first track of my new EP. Hope you enjoy it.


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Norns (& some bees)


An afternoon jam. Patchcords and microcassettes.


Live performance a Ibeam Brooklyn, July 9, 2016, using a Buchla 200e (with infrared sensors), some Bugbrand devices, and a Bastl microGranny 2 sampler.


Thought I’d share this new piece for Buchla 200e Skylab + Bugbrand effects.

Ode to Time, inspired by the Neruda poem of the same name. “…Time is unwavering…, it increases, it journeys, it shows up within us like water that deepens within our own watching,…”


This month’s live set recording now up on bandcamp :smile:

btw should I keep using this thread or should I start a new one just for these live recordings?


IMO, this thread is fine unless you want to start a discussion around these recordings in some regard.


I released my second album on bandcamp last night:

mostly modular with some slight ableton assists on the post production

please enjoy ☉


I had some fun with the banana synths over the weekend. This reminds me a lot of the old Vladislav Delay records from the late 90s. I guess it’s better than ripping off Autechre, which seems to be my usual mode.


Hi everyone, first post and have been a lurker for the past couple weeks. this is a precursor to a full-length album coming out this winter called Cognizant.


I’ll keep posting here. Wasn’t sure if the mods were trying to move us away from these mega threads.


I hope not. I wouldn’t want a whole thread about every video I make or one off song. And that’s me saying that. This thread is fun!