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hey friends, i’m mostly a lurker because i don’t have a modular synth yet. But i really like this community, it’s a refreshing place to go. When I first learned about it I looked around for threads with drama in them and couldn’t find any lol

I just wanted to share a video series that i’ve been making that was inspired by a couple of the disquiet projects.
It’s called Music in Objects. It is not synth stuff, but extreme sound design challenges that you might like.

Let me know what you think, even if you hate it! :slight_smile:


hey friends, i’m mostly a lurker because i don’t have a modular synth yet.

I don’t have one, and unless someone straight up gives me one, I won’t have one. :slight_smile:


haha yeah. i also don’t design amazing minimal mixers and stuff. not yet.


Yeah man, me neither :slight_smile:

Cool find, this video series. I dig it!


I enjoyed the videos. Thanks for making/posting them :slight_smile:

I never think of lines as somewhere where ownership of a modular synth, or any monome devices at all for that matter, is a prerequisite to taking part in the discussions. There’s inevitably modular owners and some modular discussion but it’s actually a pretty small part of the place.


Thank you for watching! I’m glad you like them. next up is Lightbulbs :slight_smile:


this week: video documentation of my live set at my apartment on 10-28-28 + an album of audio from some of my practice sessions



I’ve been enjoying filming underwater in streams and bogs lately. There’s just so much material you can capture if you like the way it looks down there, all currents, detritus, branches, insects and fish. I could do it all day.

I filmed this video for the artist Wrong Body aka Dino Spiluttini.

Content warning:

Implied first-person descent into boggy water

I also filmed & edited this ‘ambient’ underwater video to go with some new music out on cassette later in the month.

I haven’t access to my 'phones at this very moment, but I’m keen to listen to this. I’ve been a big fan of the M4L Granulator and have used it over and over again for quite a few years. It’s just so good at turning just about anything into a unique pad. Will check it out ASAP.


This is beautiful. Thank you.



Thanks a lot, Thom. Much appreciated :slight_smile:


Been getting to know Mutable’s Rings:


i forgot how nice this set was! love it.


Damn, I love that pretty much any link renders nicely here.

Some more 4u 4u:


Just created a bandcamp account (liking the format so far!). Uploaded a couple of tracks to start…


great works, thanks for sharing!


What’s the software you’re using in the video? Never heard of anaphora…


it’s something I’ll be releasing soon - pretty close in function to mlr


Recent track I made, in preparation for my first live performance. Trialed it by playing it out at the climbing wall where I work. 2 Customers asked who the track was by… :grin:
I was very happy!!

Then played the performance, wasn’t anything crazy, just a local chilled out open-mic. But I was still super nervous. Planned to just play the one roughly prepared ambient piece. Finished it, and it seemed to go down well, a guy asked if I could play something more ‘techno’. Had a TT-606 in my bag, that I decided not to use at the last minute. Hooked it up, and jammed out a fully improvised techno piece. Took a wee bit to get going, but also went down super well. Buzzing!!!


so cool! lookin forward… will it be out for norns as well?